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In addition, trees that will not be treated

In addition, trees that will not be treated with either high, while the fruit in one tree can reach 5 to 7 pounds in one harvest per quarter.

Father of five children cultivate guava honey wisata pulau pari water in an area of ​​1,600 square meters with the total number of trees planted from 200 stem cuttings and slips. "Age 6 months of planting, water the honey cashew seedlings coming from slips or cuttings using tabulapot media began to bear fruit with the number of pieces each 2 to 3 kg per tree," he said.

New, at the age of 9 months and beyond planting fruit produced increased to 7 kg per tree. The green guava nectar has a flavor that is fresh and very sweet when eaten, so it has a special attraction for those who never tried it.
In addition to the taste and benefits of this water guava, a high demand is one reason for the increasing number of guava is cultivated.

Currently Sumarwan said, the price of water guava honey in the market to reach Rp 25 thousand. Of the 200 trees planted could earn Rp 30 million each harvest. While this green guava honey can be harvested four times a year.

While the operating costs for the purchase of seeds, potting soil and compost, fertilizer and pesticides needed funds in the first year of Rp 31 million. "The second harvest at the age of 9 months of planting the capital already behind," he said.

It is said Sumarwan, green honey cashew
RUMTAR88.COM Agen Bola SBObet Ibcbet Casino 338A Tangkas Togel Online Indonesia Terpercaya cultivation only began early in 2013 this former cattle rancher saw the prospect of cultivating guava nectar more tempting after seeing the success that made ​​a pemudidaya in the village of Paya Mabar Stabat District of Langkat.

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