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Pengertian dan Sejarah Multi Level Marketing


peluang usaha online Investment MLM Website CMS is an MLM website that comes complete with a variety of features to boost the performance of your network business , including registration of automation , real-time information , which is any time you can see the development of the member under your covers commission today , the number of active members both active mapun yet , making it easier for you to take business decisions . This wesbite using MLM system with pulau tidung a system of " Activation Sequence " . And differences with other investment script is complete modules and features of the MLM own website .Etymology is Multi Level Marketing ( MLM ) is derived from English , Multi means many , while Level means level or levels . The marketing means marketing .

So of the word can be pulau tidung understood that MLM is a tiered marketing banyak.1 Referred to as multi -level because it is an organization of distributors who carry out the sale of a tiered or terraced lot .
MLM can be also referred to as network marketing . So called because many members of these groups to form a network ( network) is a system that uses network marketing to alat bantu sex form a set of many people who workdo marketing .
Sometimes there is also a mention of MLM as direct selling or direct selling . This opinion is based on the implementation of MLM sales that are made ​​directly by the salesperson to consumers . Not through intermediaries or through the grocery store anymore , shops and stalls but directto the buyer . Indonesia's current direct sales or direct selling both single-level and multi -level join an association that pulau tidung Indonesian Direct Selling Association ( DSA ) . This organization is a member of the Chamber of Commerce , part of the World Federation Direct selling Association ( WFDSA ) .
There are differences and similarities between direct selling and MLM ranging from the use of language to the substance of the system . The term direct selling than it first appears MLM . This term refers to the activity of sale of goods or products directly to consumers , where sales activity is conducted by a seller (direct seller) , accompanied by clarity , presentation and product demos . Its essence is the independent salespeople who sell products or bisnis online goods from a particular manufacturer to the consumer .
In the history of this industry , direct selling first appeared with the operation of the California Perfume Company in New York which was founded in 1886 by Dave Mc Connel . Mc Connel is what has hired Mrs. idea . Albee as first lady California Perfume by sellingdirectly to consumers from house to house . The company later changed its name to Avon in 1939 , while Mrs.Albee itself is alat bantu sex considered a pioneer of direct selling sales method .
In subsequent developments , emerging companies Nutrilite in 1934 in California with a new sales method which gives an additional commission on successful independent distributors to recruit , train and assist new members to participate in selling products . This new method allows a distributor to keep recruiting new members to the depth and breadth of which is not limited .
Next 1956 stood at 1959 Shaklee and Amway stands with the same sales methods obat aborsi  over time the sales method known as Multi Level Marketing ( MLM ) .Often the words or sentences above you find when you want to start a business on the internet ? Very much ( in fact almost all include sentences that contain the above sense ) .
But is it true ? I say here pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar if 99% of them lie ! ! ! ! . Why do I say so ? When you successfully register in situs2 online , they do not ( do not ) will give you full access before you upgrade your membership in full . How does " upgraded membership ? " . The other is not and is not to pay money to the account manager .
Once you pay some money and your membership is activated , what do you get?
1 . You were told to look for referrals (if you can not find your downline means finished! ! ! ! ! Because not everyone has the ability to convince org . Anyway it means you just the same as that fool you because you are misleading others)
2 . Told to sell scrip or e -book ? ? ? ( what the hell ! ! ! ! scrip What's that !)
In other words, you obat telat bulan HAVE FOOLED ! ! ! ! ! Why do I say fooled ? Because in the end you are asked also to seek referrals or selling e-book/scrip . If true , it means you end up like me ! ! ! ! ! ! There have been many online businesses that I follow , I require that the edges are looking for referrals . Many businesses OL that ultimately I want other people to plunge .

Remember the saying that " if you want RICH , HAVE TO WORK HARD " . But there are still honest bisnisman2 internet . Are not promising shit . Because it is they intend to try and make a profit in baik2 ! ! ! ! ( although we can not fully trust ) . They just do not have the funds to realize their dreams . Therefore they are looking for funding via the internet pulau tidung  through penawaran2 investment . Such as capital investment , forex , etc. .
There are several types of investments via online which are found on the internet , among other investments ( characterized by the provision of fixed profit gains that have been determined by the manager ) , gold investment ( investment transaction based on the value of gold instruments ) , forex investments pulau pari  ( investments held for trading in foreign exchange )
After doing some searching a long time , there are several online businesses that I recommend to you . But because they are new to investing , I am not going to publish through this blog because it has not been proven ( I do not want to put my business online that not prove the result ) .
You then ask , " what's the difference with continued situs2 another MLM ? "
Here I explain the difference with MLM site !

In MLM website you have to pay to activate your account . because this is the activation fee which is used to " feed " of your upline . While the average investment online FREE . Fee you pay is the value of the investments you choose .
In MLM website , money you spend CAN NOT DRAWN AGAIN ! ! buat toko online murah because it has been used to support your upline . While online investment funds can be withdrawn after the contract is completed if you do not want to extend investment ( kalopun not full , usually due to administrative closure of account ) .
In MLM website , you should look for downline ! ! ! so you can get rich ( what if you can not find ? kindly you think yourself ) . While on your online investment still get a predetermined profit walo without downline ! . Kalopun downline think you have wrote it in the form of bonuses beyond profit .
Of slightly above explanation if only we pulau pari can know the difference MLM site with online investing . I actually followed a similar investment over the internet , but another time I review because it has not proven their validity . . Please you are reviewing . If in doubt please leave , if you are confident with the system please register .

Learn from Investment Fraud CaseThe last few days in the media - both print and electronic media , are busy talking about the alleged investment fraud by PT Golden Traders Indonesia Syariah ( GTIS ) , with an estimated value of up to Rp600 billion loss clients , but some say up to Rp10 trillion . Whichever is true, it is still no small amount of loss . But this case is the pulau tidung  umpteenth time that happened in this country , the mode is always the same : Fraud guise of investing with the lure of big profits in a short time . Well , actually this case is not directly related to our investment in the stock , of course , but the authors think it is still important to be discussed to provide information to people who may still lay about what the investment . Okay here we go !
GTIS was once a regular gold trading company by the name of PT Golden Traders Indonesia ( GTI ) . In 2011 , the company added the word ' Islamic ' in its name , so changed to PT Golden Traders Indonesia Syariah ( GTIS ) . In this same year , the company ( claimed ) certified ' compliance with Shariah principles ' of the Indonesian Ulema Council ( MUI ) . Armed with the claim that its ' halal obat pembesar penis and Islamic ' , GTIS then sell investment products through a variety of media , primarily through referral system that every customer will be asked to look for another customer ( less like system aka MLM Multilevel Marketing ) . In a short period of only 2 years , the company is growing very rapidly and successfully established thirteen offices in several major cities in Indonesia , especially Jakarta . In each promotion , GTIS has a very interesting tagline : ' It's been not the time to rely only gold investment price fluctuations . Enjoy the certainty of a gain of 2 % per month just in the Golden Traders Indonesia ' .
Certainty advantage ? Are you out of mind ? Since when there is an investment that can guarantee that the investment risk is definitely profitable without exposing at all obat pembesar penis  ?
Back to GTIS . GTIS offers investment products in the form of the purchase of gold , either physically or just a certificate , with the offer of a gain of 2 - 4.5 % per month , payable in cash . So if you buy products worth 100 million investment , for example , each month you will receive a flower , or a bonus , or whatever it's called , amounting to Rp2 - 4.5 million , is transferred directly into your bank account . This investment product with guaranteed buy back guarantee agreement , whereby the GTIS will buy back the gold held by the customer at a price equal to the purchase price . So , let's say you buy gold from GTIS worth Rp100 million . So in a year , you will earn a minimum interest Rp2 million x 12 months = Rp24 million , alat bantu sex and thereafter you can sell gold that you hold to GTIS , to obtain your capital back which was Rp 100 million . Well , get a profit of at least 24 % , and without the risk anyway , because you hold the gold that is guaranteed to be bought back by the GTIS . So the ' investment ' is less interesting what else to try?
However there are some interesting things about ' investment products ' offered GTIS this :
Single . Customers should buy gold GTIS sold at a price higher than the market price of gold , with the difference in price of about 20-30 % . It means that if the price of gold in the market is Rp500 , 000 per gram , the customer must pay Rp600 - 650,000 for every gram of gold they earn . There is no description of the GTIS about why they are selling the gold price higher . Usually they ( through his agent ) just said that despite the price they sell gold higher , iklan massal  but customers need not worry , because later anyway GTIS will buy back the gold at the same price , even if the market price of gold had fallen . In addition the agent is usually added that gold prices will continue to rise , so that the client can not lose ( so once again , zero- risk investment ! )
Two . There is no description of where the GTIS obtain funds to pay interest to its customers . Based on information compiled Kontan.co.id , GTIS admitted that they buy gold cheaply from UBS ( Shared Prosperity Lucky ) and sell them at high prices in Singapore . Profit from the price difference was then used to pay interest to its customers . But no further details about who was UBS , and in Singapore where they sell gold next .
Three . Customers can only purchase products through agents . This agent is usually a GTIS customers as well, and he obtained a commission for every new customer that she was carrying . As a result if you join for a customer , then you will become an agent at the same time , and you can get the additional benefit of the commission . But if you do not obtain the customer , then it does not matter .
Well , of the three points above pasang iklan online  , what can you conclude ? That's right . GTIS is running a Ponzi scheme ( Ponzi Scheme ) . Ponzi scheme is a phony investment system in which investment companies pay profits / interest to investors from money the investors themselves , or from subsequent investors' money . Said to be false , because the funds raised from investors has been used to finance a certain business to turn a profit . Typically these investments offer a tremendous advantage in a short time with a very low risk , or even zero risk . Typically also , the investor or the customer will receive interest payments on a regular basis for some time , so he then feels there is no problem at all , or even add back its investment . But after he deposit all the funds he had, and also has brought a lot of new customers , the problem then arises , ranging from the breakdown of the payment of interest , to capital that it can not be withdrawn alat bantu sex .

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