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Sida loo sameeyo geedaha Recipes Rice Budo

Sida loo sameeyKAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014 o geedaha Recipes Rice Budo . Rice kencur runtii maanta badan yihiin sida . Laakiin dhif naga ee adigu samayn kartaa guriga . Hadda hooyooyinka ku samayn kartaa iyaga u gaar ah kencur bariis dhirta hab in uu yahay mid fudud oo la taaban karo .
Sida loo sameeyo geedaha Recipes Rice Budo
Waxyaabaha ay ka kooban :

4 qaado oo bariiska cad , qooyay 4 saacadood markaa ka daadi
1 / 8 qaado shaah cusbo
3 qaado oo seedless Tamarind ee loogu talagalay 10 qaado oo biyo ah iyo geddigood
15 cm kencur nadiif
150 garaam oo brown shanlo sonkorta
2 cm sinjibiil , diiri googooyaa
2 xabbadood oo
Pulau Parilime jarjar 2
1 litir oo biyo nadiifa
Sida loo sameeyo :

Wada rid dhan ah maaddooyinka in days a marka laga reebo lime .
Basahii dhan ah maaddooyinka ilaa , cadaadis iyo dar juuska lime ah .
Walaaq iyo u adeega .
Posted by pratama vian on - Rating: 4.5Title: Recipe Sida loo sameeyo geedaha Rice BudoDescription: Recipes
Pulau TidungSida loo sameeyo geedaha Rice Budo . Rice kencur runtii maanta badan yihiin sida . Si kastaba ha ahaatee Jar ...

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Manzai (漫 才? ) Is the art of comedy that comes from the Kansai region , Japan

Manzai (漫 才? ) Is the art of comedy that comes from the Kansai region , Japan . Performing Manzai usually done by two people conversing in front of an audience telling funny stories , awkward , or does not make sense to talk like Agen Judi Onlinerhythm bersahut-replication . One person acts as the smart ( tsukkomi ) which serves as a feeder , and another who plays the fool ( boke ) which tells the story that keeps the audience laughing blurted . Manzai can be said to be akin to stand - up comedy is known in the United States .
Manzai term coined in 1933 by the promoters advertising section Yoshimoto Kogyo entertainment arts in Osaka to distinguish dipentaskannya art with the art of storytelling Mandan . At that time , Mandan artists often employed in the movie theater to explain the content of the story silent film currently playing .
Performers Manzai called Manzai - shi . Manzai couple called Kombi . Married couples who do Manzai called Meoto Manzai . Manzai originating from the Kansai region is often also referred to as Kamigata Manzai .
table of conte
Berita Bola nts

1 History
2 Characteristic
2.1 The smart and the stupid
3 pair Manzai famous
4 External links
In the performing arts Heian period there were carried around to celebrate the new year . The art also called Manzai (万 歳? ) , But written with different kanji characters . Art " Manzai " Heian era performed by two people , one beating a drum and danced again to congratulate the new year while visiting people's homes . In the Edo period in Japan have sprung up throughout the various types Manzai named for the place name is derived as Mikawa province of Mikawa Manzai origin , and the origin Manzai Yamato Yamato Province . At that time , the artist Manzai not only plays music and dancing , but also chatted to tell funny stories that are intended to provoke laughter listener .
In the Meiji era , art Manzai (万 才? ) Are displayed in the building in Osaka is still based on the " Manzai " (万 歳? ) Heian period using musical accompaniment . Couple Tamagoya Entatsu , Sunagawa Sutemaru and Nakamura Haruyo often referred to as the pioneer Manzai . Unfortunately at that time , Manzai only be considered as a complementary performance due in theaters more often performed rakugo who happened to be popular .
At the end of the Taisho era ,
Hosting Murah Berkualitas SheHoster.com Entatsu Yokoyama (1896-1971) and Hanabishi Achako ( Yoshimoto Kogyo comedian pair ) start Manzai style without music , and only consists of a conversation . Manzai new style is called syabekuri Manzai which turned out to be a popular and widely accepted by society . Around 1931, Yoshimoto Kogyo entertainment promoters began abbreviate appellation syabekuri Manzai be Manzai (漫 才? ) As it is known today . Furthermore , Yoshimoto Kogyo Tokyo to business expansion . Manzai pioneered Entatsu - Achako pair became famous , and also the stars popping new Manzai . In modern times , Manzai developed into an art that not only staged in the theater , but also on television and radio .thew
In contrast to the art of rakugo is bound by rules , comedian Manzai have a lot of freedom . Comedian allowed to talk while doing weird poses or movements , jig - dancing , to even hit the fool . Manzai usually performed without music , although there is also a comedian who berpentas Manzai while playing a musical instrument or use background music . In addition , a group of 3 people ( or more ) also play a new style of shaped Manzai play comedy .
On stage , the comedian should Manzai possessed excellent wear . Essentially , costume Manzai comedian is a party dress . Comedian Manzai man wearing a kimono or following suit tie , while women wear kimono Manzai comedian or frocks colorful flashy , complete with high heels .
In keeping with the times , partly Manzai comedian role as a comedian on television ( Owarai Talento or Owarai Geinin ) . Clothing worn while performing on stage is a casual outfit worn everyday . Comedian Manzai new style often use props , such as chairs , tables , cabinets , and a projection screen .The smart and the stupid
Couple Manzai comedian called combi . A comedian role as the smart ( tsukkomi ) and another who plays the fool ( boke ) . The role of the fool is to tell stories with content that has irregularities , so strange or funny , with the goal laugh . Comedian who plays the clever fool in charge of interrupting the story , and fix the parts that are considered odd , so that the audience knows when to laugh .
LigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A TerpercayaComedian who became the smart sometimes use derogatory words to tell the fool that strange or bizarre story . Not only that , the comedian plays a fool not uncommon to receive a slap with the palm of the hand on the head or chest. Sometimes cast the fool should also take a hit on the head with a cardboard folded like a fan , or a toy that emits a hard blow .
Unlike the continuous fool should tell , the only smart occasionally interrupting the story stupid . That is as bait for the fool becomes more amusing . It also utilized the opportunity to take a breath stupid , so rapid tempo story can be maintained .

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How can the following be presented a good way of treating hair

How can the following be presented a good way of treating hair to prevent hair from drying and fall off easily , including :
1 . Stop for a moment of order hair salon
If you frequently perform treatments to help treat hair salon , should be suspended for a while it aims to avoid and prevent the hair from the use of tools which can damage the hair salon as a hair dryer , Sasak , a chemical that is often used
Investmandiri.com Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murah to mask hair curlers hair etc. . Tersbut tools commonly used for hair care salon with warming temperatures high enough to destroy perkembanagan and hair growth so it is easier to dry hair which leads to hair fall out easily . Try to treat the hair by hand sndiri and use natural ingredients that is around us , as many natural ingredients that can be used as alternatives best choice for hair care , such as lemon , avocado , lime , etc. . Let your hair rediscover its beauty and hair can grow optimally .
2 . Do not tie your hair while sleeping
Generally makes a woman who had long enough hair , tie your hair often during sleep , in fact this is the one and only way to torment the hair so the hair roots can not breathe properly . Unleash your hair while sleeping and do not tie your hair too tight and avoid tying the hair while sweating . Eliminate sweat in head first , after a bit dry hair may be in connective . It aims to avoid the hair so as not to smell .
3 . Do not wash it every day
Production of oil or oil glands on the scalp every person definitely different. There are some people who have high levels of oil in the scalp allowing it to wash it every day , those who had higher levels of oil on the scalp with normal size advised not to wash it every day , just 2 days. That hair is not easy brittle , dull , dry and fall off easily .
4 . Do not scratch your scalp when shampooing and when itchy scalp
When the wash sometimes unwittingly excessive scratching of the scalp and then thereafter arising pain and sore scalp . This will make the scalp irritation , reducing the hair's natural moisture produced by the scalp .
5 . Avoid wash with hot water
Wash with hot water will only make the hair be tortured and made ​​the hair becomes damaged , wash and rinse your hair with plain water so that the roots of the hair and do not suffer loss of nutrients .
6 . Comb hair properly
Combing the hair is a simple way that is often carried out every day in our lives . But those that combing hair in the wrong way . Combing the hair in a
Hosting Murah Berkualitas SheHoster.com state of wet hair and use the meeting toothed comb . Try combing with a wide-toothed comb that hair is not easy to fall off and fragile and do not comb the hair is still wet state , which was still wet hair tends to be more easily broken than the hair in the dry state .
7 . Use shampoo and hair conditioner or moisturizer that suits your hair type
Use a shampoo that fits the criteria or type of hair , then apply a wash hair after using hair conditioner or moisturizer . Use a moisturizing conditioner or hair from the middle to the end of the hair , not the scalp . The purpose of using hair conditioner or moisturizer to keep hair dry and brittle and not easy to help provide additional nutrition to the scalp .
8 . Use a hair mask if the hair is dry and damaged badly enough
If the hair feels dry and damaged enough in a state of severe , use a hair mask made ​​from natural materials of some kind of fruit or hair mask dispensing with his own hands if not you can buy in stores or supermarkets . Choose a hair mask from natural ingredients , such as olive oil , avocado , honey , essential oils etc. .Posted in How to Take Care of Hair Loss | Tagged how to care for your hair to not fall out , and how to care for dry hair loss, hair loss how to care , how to care hair loss naturally , how to treat hair loss , hair conditioner , hair loss , hair mask , hair care for dry and loss , treating hair loss , hair moisturizers , hair care , body care , facial care , hair care tips loss | Leave a commentHow to Take Care of Hair Loss NaturallyPosted by How to Take Care of Hair Loss
Hair is like a symbol of beauty and beauty especially for women who care about and are eager shape and appearance of healthy hair . The women will always try to take care of the crown with spenuh care . There are many tips traditional heritage can be glimpsed back and can be used as an alternative to bring back the beauty of natural hair , clean , and shiny black nan beautiful light emitting captivating charm of this include the following :
1 . Treat hair with straw and lime
To obtain hair healthy and shiny black , can be obtained by exploiting synergy between straw and lime .
How to use easy : Prepare 1 bunch rice straw . Put into a pan or vessel of clay , and burn up all to ashes . After that, pour water into the container and give the lemon juice ( 1 fruit ) . Stir until blended , then embunkan in the open air for 1 night .
Next, take the water contained in the surface and use to wash it ( without using shampoo ) . Do it 3 times a week . Then the hair will look healthy , beautiful and shiny black .
2 . Treat hair with leaves urang - aring
Urang - aring leaves have long been used for hair care interests . Most women , lazy to look for a plant that grows wild it and prepare it . They generally prefer to buy oil or shampoo urang - aring the course of manufacture through the manufacturing process with the addition of chemicals , the most likely cause new problems for the hair .
Urang - aring mengandng include elements of flavonoids , which are important for the growth of dense hair , healthy and strong . How to put up the same as in the use of leaf mangkokan . Once washed, cut into small pieces of leaves urang - aring and squeezed to pieces , mix with coconut oil which has been heated in advance , and ready to be smeared on the scalp . Allow a maximum of 1 hour to overnight , before washing clean .
3 . Caring for hair loss with aloe vera leaves
Unfortunately , the trend is the use of aloe vera for hair care interests has been replaced with aloe vera shampoo that has been treated with the addition of other chemicals in the manufacturing process . If the manufacturing process could retain the natural properties of the aloe vera leaf , ie without the addition of coloring agents and preservatives , the use of such shampoo will still be able to give satisfactory results .
The content of this leaves quite a lot , among other classes
go88bet.com Agen Judi, Agen Judi Bola, Agen Bola Online, Agen SBObet Terpercaya of compounds flavonoids and vitamin elements necessary for hair growth . How to use Aloe vera leaves fairly straightforward : Cut the leaves are not too old , leaves the meat apart and apply directly to the scalp , with a massage lightly . Allow to dry before washing the hair . You can also use it immediately after washing your hair and let it dry without rinsing again . To be sure , the more wear , the sooner you will enjoy healthy hair , dense , strong , and shiny black .Posted in How to Take Care of Hair Loss | Tagged bald , how to care for your hair to not fall out , and how to care for dry hair loss, hair loss how to care , how to care hair loss naturally , how to treat hair loss , hair loss , hair care for dry and fall , treating hair loss , balding hair , hair loss , hair loss care tips | Leave a comment

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Para iniciar un negocio en línea ,

Para iniciar un negocio en línea , usted necesita un poco de investigación para determinar cuáles son seleccionados y contratados para desarrollar negocios. Esta investigación se puede encontrar a partir de los resultados de búsqueda de Google acerca de testimonios, el desarrollo, la pérdida del negocio y ganancias, así como su capacidadSuperwash Laundry Bisnis Franchise Waralaba Murah di Indonesia
para elegir la hora de decidir el negocio.
Un negocio en línea que se ha demostrado para traer un beneficio y aumentar el conocimiento de la red es la Red d' BC .Iniciar un negocio en línea , junto dBc Red
Iniciar un negocio en línea , junto dBc Red
¿Qué es la Red d' BC ?d' Red BC es una red de negocios en línea que se centra en el desarrollo de redes de negocios de productos cosméticos , artículos de tocador , etc , que los productos Oriflame de Suecia .
¿Cómo puedo empezar un estilo de negocios d' en línea BC Red ?El truco es simple y fácil , en las filas d' red AC de consultores independientes que buscan reclutar a nuevos miembros para cualquier cantidad de aprendizaje que está listo para ser dado directamente para operar el negocio .
Como un primer paso para aquellos que quieren encontrar la manera de iniciar un negocio en línea con d' Red BC es mejor seguir los siguientes consejos :

Debido a la amplia red de consultores independientes en d' Red BC , entonces la medida de lo posible, busque un líder que es realmente capaz de facilitar el proceso de aprendizaje en el mundo de los negocios en línea.
Después de tomar la decisión de unirse o ser miembros de uno de los líderes en la Red d' BC , con frecuencia se le pregunta si realmente no sabe cómo iniciar un negocio en línea es bueno, entonces aplicar esa información como sea posible.
Negocio en línea Red d' BC se basa en la aplicación de MLM , pero todo el riesgo , la lógica de la venta, así como el beneficio - el daño ha sido descrita en detalle . Así que se espera que los miembros comprendan y respeten las normas con el fin de no perjudicar a otros miembros o incluso a ti mismo.
En d' Red BC incluso tiene su propio código de
LigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A Terpercaya
conducta en el inicio de su negocio en línea. Así que cada miembro se sienta seguro en el desarrollo de su red de negocios , sin el temor de un sistema justo o recibido.
Interesado en comenzar un negocio en línea ?Vamos a aprender cómo iniciar un negocio en línea con d' Red BC . En mi red , no somos sólo un socio de negocios, en contacto con nosotros, incluso éramos como hermanos, todos apoyamos unos a otros y nos ayudamos mutuamente . Así que , ¿qué más estás esperando , rellene el formulario que aparece al pie de esta página para que podamos contactar con usted en breve.

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Ị na-eche na o mgbe niile na-erughị ihe ndabara captivate ka obi ọchịchọ ?

Ị na-eche na o mgbe niile na-erughị ihe ndabara captivate ka obi ọchịchọ ? Ị iti onwe gị, n'ihi na ị bụ eleghị anya, obere kpọmkwem ụzọ rata ya. Nke a bụ ụfọdụ dị gị mkpa ịghọta ya na ya site na nke ọ bụla agwa horoskopenya

Investmandiri.com Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murah

:Aries (March 21 April 20) a , ndị a Aries inyom dị ka ndị na-amasị ejiji ukporo Uwe elu ma jins dịkarịa ala -egosi tumadi . Ịbụ Macho !Mgbe ị na naanị ya na mgbe ụfọdụ -ekwu okwu banyere gị bụbu n'ihi na -ahụkarị Aries nwaanyị dị chọrọ ịbụ ' nanị otu . Kpugheere ya na ọ bụ nwaanyị nke ọtụtụ ihe ntụrụndụ na -enye obi ụtọ na ị nwere ike na ya. Ma, cheta na ọ jamming unyi naanị n'ihi na o nwere mmasị isi kwesịrị na nke ihunanya .Aries nwanyi kacha ụtọ na -eme ihe n'eziokwu . Ọ bụrụ na n'ezie ọ masịrị ya na ị nwere ike ịbụ na ọ ga-abụ ihe keesemokwu karịa gị na-akpọ ya 'mee akpa nkwaghari ' ọtụtụ o yiri ka o nwere ike dị gbaa gị mbụ. Ya mere, n'ihi na ihere na - ụdị Ihọd aka ihere ihere pusi , ikemeke ọma mgbe e mesịrị na oyi na-atụ egwu na-atụ .
Taurus ( April 21 May 20 ) Ọ bụrụ na ị na- enyere ohere nge - na ụbọchị na Taurus nke a, na ọ dịghị ihe ọzọ nara ya ebe dị ka gbacha gbacha ụlọ oriri na ọṅụṅụ a mmasị na klas ma gbalịa lee ọkara anụmanụ .Ihe ọ ga- kama a ga- pampered na ịmakụ ịrịba ama nke mmadụ. Ọtụtụ ndị echiche na matrealistis Taurus inyom ( niile , na-agụ ) Otú ọ dị n'obi ya na-ekpo ọkụ na nke jupụtara n'anya. Ma ọ bụrụ na ọ bụghị jisiri rata ya na-agbalị inye a mberede site na-eme ka a pụrụ iche candlelight nri abalị n'ụlọ gị ndekọ na esi nri ma ọ bụ bịa ya ịga ụfọdụ ebe ọ dịghị mgbe gara e Ọ hụrụ ya n'anya . Ma otu ihe dị mkpa ka i cheta na Taurus inyom adịghị amasị monotony , n'ihi ya, na imepụta Lah ..Ka iwe ma mgbe ụfọdụ akpasu iwe , n'ihi na iwe ga- ewe ezigbo . Na Taurus bụkwa tipycal nche kpọrọ ihe , ma na enye ekerede nọrọ ná nchebe gị, meela ya n'ezie n'ezie na ọ dịghị aga ọsọ gị.
Ne na ( May 21 - June 21) na Ne nwere ahụkarị ibu nọ n'ọrụ , nwere ọgụgụ isi na talkative aka n'ihe omume ntụrụndụ chatting na gossiping mere mere kwesịrị nkọ - nkọ arjuna n'ọnọdụ kwesịrị ekwesị nke na Ne Nke a pụtara na ọ dịghị ihe ọzọ mo , ma, ọ bụkwa na ọ masịrị ukporo nwoke yi ukporo .Ibiere nwere ike captivate nwoke obi kere ma Ligat , ọ bụrụ na i nwere ibiere nke Ne ga ozugbo bulie gị onwe ntule megide .Ne nwere 2 agwa ma ọ bụ onye mere ike maa na echiche ya na jupụtara na mberede. Nkwurịta okwu agwa ka ọtụtụ priage ije ịsa ahụ. Ndụ ya na- akwado ma na -eme ka i lezie a gbakwunyere . Ọ bụrụ na -ekwu banyere alụmdi na nwunye gị ga- ibu ime n'ihi na ọ ga-amata àgwà gị na mbụ.
Kansa ( June 22- July 22)Trik Dunia Online Ke mbiet ụwa na ọ bụ ụdị nke na ukporo na mgboonu . Obi ya rọrọ ma mwute otú obi dị ka Arjuna mkpụrụ . N'ihi na ndị ikom na wrestle na -elekọta mmadụ Ọrịa cancer inyom nwere ike na-akwado gị ọrụ n'ihi na ọ bụ ihe a ji ezi obi na uche aka n'anya ụtọ , karịsịa nke ndị nọ n'ahụhụ .Na mgbakwunye na kenka na okobotde Ọrịa cancer bụ họọrọ n'ihi na ọtụtụ ndị enyi na-amasị aka. Ya mere, eke na dị ka di na nwunye nwere ọgụgụ isi ma ọ bụ ọgụgụ isi na agbanyeghị.Ị kwesịrị ị nọgide na nke a n'ihi na Ọrịa cancer nwaanyị adịghị mfe kwere , mgbe mgbe -enyo anyị enyo , na ọdịdị ya ibe cemburupun nu. Nke a kasị mara kacha masị ya na- adị mfe mejọrọ ma ọ bụ mee ka ọbara na ịrị elu ya anya ntughari . Ya mere, ọ dịghị ihe ọzọ i nwere ime akpụ n'ihi agwa nwere Ọrịa cancer onye chọghị ida ma ọ bụ ga- meriri .Otú ọ dị, ụmụ nwaanyị amaghị kwenye Ọrịa cancer na ya ịhụnanya ma ọ bụrụ na ị na na na na na ọ ga- achọ ka na-aga n'ihu na-echefu ya. Full anya ga- eme ihe ọ bụla ka afọ ju ya onye Siria.Mma n'anya ya dị ka mmadụ nso ezinụlọ n'ihi na ọ bụ Ọrịa cancer kpọrọ ụmụ nwaanyị na-eme ka ọ kwesịrị ekwesị ga- nne na nwunye anaghị arụ ọrụ mgbe e mesịrị ( ọma na-elekọta ya na di na nwunye ).
Leo ( July 23 August 22)Ọ bụrụ na ọ nge - na ụbọchị na Leo nwaanyị na-agbalị iji nri abalị ka a nke ihunanya ụlọ oriri na ọṅụṅụ ma ọ bụ na-aga a oge gboo na- egwu ma echefukwala iyi senti oke senti , mgbe ahụ, ị ga-abụ gbakwunyere n'anya nke ya. Jide n'aka na ọ na lured pụrụ iche uche gị.Na Leo na-emekarị mfe hụbara n'anya gị nkịtị anam - elu otú ahụ ka ọtụtụ ndị chere bụ utu nhọrọ. Na Leo na- mara posesifnya agwa ya onye òtù ọlụlụ , ma -eguzosi ike n'ihe . Ọ bụrụ na ị chọrọ inye ndụmọdụ kwesịrị nwayọọ nwayọọ danfull nke logic Na ngalaba n'ihi na ọ bụ ihe atụ nke ihe isi ike mmadụ , n'ihi ya, anaghị obi nkoropụ n'ihi Leo na- eduzi .Ị gaghị anya ma ọ bụrụ na ọ bụ ndị ọzọ nwere mmasị n'ebe enyi n'anya njikere naanị maka na enyi ma ọ bụrụ na Leo ji obi ha hụrụ ibe ya mgbe ọ dị njikere ma njikere ịghọta ihe nwere ọgụgụ isi onye òtù ọlụlụ . N'ihe nke Leo na asmarapun na -atụfu ya ga- sịrị ghara imegide gị uche .Kwuchaa o bie na obi ike na -eme ka ọtụtụ ndị na -enwe Leo . N'ihi ya, i nwere na-emeso ya ziri ezi na ọ bụrụ na ị na-elekọta ya ego ye eke ntụk ke na ọ ga- anọgide na- arapara n'ahụ gị.Obodo uwa ma ọ bụrụ na ị bụ ezigbo ya ahụ ya nke ọma ma na Anglịkan Otú ọ dị, ọ bụghị onye na -ahụkarị kemmegbu aka mfe ichefu ihe, ya ọjọọ ọ bụ ezie na na-emebi emebi ( juu , gụọ ) ọ bụrụ na ị na-enwe ike irube isi n'iwu ya.
Virgo ( August 23 September 22)Mma gaghị anọ ọdụ ka ewerekwa Virgo maniez emi ke akpa ụbọchị n'ihi na ị ga na-echeta mgbe nile ( na ebe nchekwa nkọ , na-agụ ). Fashionable na trendy uwe nwere ike ime ka maniez na- aghọ esiwanye enamored gị.Àgwà ya bụ smart , nkà , mkpuru , na mma ndinam ukpụhọde -eme ka ị na mgbe ụfọdụ na-amasị na-eche usụhọde n'ihi na ọtụtụ ndị na- nwaa ike . Site na isi na àgwà na-eme ka ọtụtụ Virgo inyom dị ka a Ihọd bụ ọkachamara , ogo ma ọ bụ akwụkwọ . Òkù nneme n'ihi na ọ bụ ihe a pụrụ iche thinker na nsogbu solver ike gị. Ma ọ bụrụ na ọ na -enwe ama gị, ọ ga- akpụrụ agbasa ọnọdụ .Utu ke oro ihere uwa anaghị eme nke a ' red ìhè ' n'ihi na gị. Ihe ọ ga-abụ ma ọ bụrụ na mgbe dimkpa kpọrọ pụta na a ugboro ole na ole . Ị mfe mbà ma ọ bụrụ na ị na -amasị ya, karịsịa ma ọ bụrụ na ị larịị obibia n'ihi na ọ mmasị nwalee gị iguzosi ike n'ihe.Ọ bụ utu siri ike na-enweta n'ihi na àgwà nke Virgo ( seedlings , nna nna , igwe ) na onwe dị mkpa Ihọd kwuru . Na -ahụkarị onye ọ mgbe oké ọchịchọ ya ụbụrụ ma na e nwere ọrụ maka ọdịnihu. Ya mere, na ọ masịrị ya nile di na nwunye nwere ike isi na-arụ ọrụ ọnụ ma dị n'obi ya.

Libra ( September 23 October 23)Libra Ụmụ nwanyị smartest wriggled nke nsogbu na ezi na ozuzo . E wezụga Smart nọgide na-enwe mmekọrịta , udo na na fechapụta ụgbọelu . Na -ekwu okwu dịkwa nnọọ n'ezoghị ọnụ , ihe ọ bụ ma ọ bụghị ịma na ọ nọ na -emeso . N'ihi ya, ọ bụghị obere ka okwu ha bụ mgbe backfire . Energetic na -acha ọkụ ọkụ na mmụọ nsọ bụ isi obodo na -aga nke ọma .Ihe mara mma na kwekọrọ na Libra dearer mgbe a sụgharịrị ka nke ihunanya na mmekọrịta . Ọ bụghị ihe ijuanya , Libra mfe ịda na -akpata ya mgbe Ịnọ nkịtị gwụrụ n'ihi na ọ bụ site n'oge ruo n'oge Libra na-aga n'ihu na-achọ ndị ọzọ , ihe ọzọ nke ihunanya ịhụnanya karịa mgbe ebighị ebi.Ọ bụrụ na ị na larịị obibia na Libra nwaanyị ahụ mee ya nke nta nke nta . Ụzọ kasị mma bụ na-eji ya dị ka ụzọ ịme ka onwe gị. Ị ga- abịa kwupụta ya obi ike na mmetụta kpamkpam dị mma dị ka nke ihunanya , enyịn ese na njikere na-emefu oge ya. Sense nche enye osịmde mee ya obi ụtọ.Ma na-agbalị ime ka nke ihunanya poems ya ma ọ bụ bịa ya a oge gboo na- egwu na ị ejiji bụ ọkara kendi wetara ya okooko osisi ma ọ bụ onyinye esighị . Mgbe ahụ, ị ga-abụ mkpa ke esịt esie.
Scorpio (October 24 na November 21)Scorpio inyom nwere omimi uwa , ma, ka expressive . Ihu ya ike zoo ọnọdụ nke ahụ mere n'oge ahụ. Ọ na-egosi ya onwe ya site na omume ya karịa ihe ọ na-ekwu , dị ka ụdị nke mmetụta uche nke onye , bali na -Willed a echiche ya agwa .Ma miri emi n'obi ya, Scorpio ndị inyom ndị na -ewere na nganga na ha. Jupụtakwara n'echiche efu , nchekwube na , na agbasaghị inwe perfectionists . Ọbụna mgbe ụfọdụ , ha nwere ike ịbụ nke ukwuu sneaky na iri uru nke ndị ọzọ izute ha mkpa ha. Kpachara anya mgbe ọ malitere aghọ nke Mkpughe n'ihi na "ọ dịghị catch ahụ," o nwere ike mfe ịchịkwa onye na-enweghị nwoke ghota na o na- emegbu.Scorpio bụ zodiac kasị enwe mmetụta ọsọ ọsọ . Mgbe n'anya, tinyere ịhụnanya ha n'elu ihe ọ bụla ọzọ. N'otu aka ahụ mgbe ya dịrị ná mma , ọ na-ewe ogologo oge ichefu na " ezughị okè na mmehie " mee ka onye òtù ọlụlụ .Ọ bụ naanị maara ịhụnanya na -akpọ asị , enye ifiọkke "

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dị ka " ma ọ bụ " nwere mmasị ." Na Na Na , n'ihi ya ka ọ ghara inwe àgwà nke " ma eleghị anya ." Ọ bụrụ na ọ hụrụ gị, ọ ga- elekọta ihe onye ọ bụla nke na-ekwu. Ya mmekọrịta e chere dị mkpa karịa nri ma ọ bụ ihe ọjọọ. N'ihi nke a , i nwere ike ọzọ n'ụzọ dị mfe nghọta, nke na ụfọdụ ndị inyom obi Scorpio arụsị. Ọ bụ ezie na Mkpughe ma ọ ga-enye ihe onye ọ hụrụ n'anya nwere ike megide ya.Ọ bụrụ na gị na -enwe mmekọrịta a na nwaanyị, ị kwesịrị ị na tufuo ma ọ bụ ire gị niile ochie na akwụkwọ ozi . Ọ bụ ezie na ịhụnanya gị akwụkwọ ozi bụ 2 afọ , ma ọ nwere ike ibu agha n'ihi na ọ bụ enyo anyị enyo nke agwa . Lezie anya ma ọ bụrụ na ị na mgbe ime ihe ndị na -adịchaghị ngosi na-eche na ọ ga- echere ya usiene .

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