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Trik Mujarab Jualan Online Agar Laris Manis

You have an online store? Are the products you are selling well in the virtual domain? If not, it means you have not been up to market your products online. Moreover, nowadays more and more competitors with the same product and the price is a little different paket pernikahan murah ready to block your success. Well, it seems you have to start trying new tips following effectual to increase sales of your online store. Who knows, after a try later, turnover will increase your sales dramatically.

1. Social Network

Facebook, almost everyone has it. Both adults, parents and even school children are now connected in a social network's network. Formerly also been there that Friendster was popular in the motherland but for now that are popular are Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you've got their own Facebook Fanpage displaying your products online.

Another advantage of Facebook is the share button. The power of the Share button really magical, just enough with just one click, you can send your promo to everyone connected to your network. This means you become one step closer to potential customers. There was also a feature Like This. This feature is available either on Facebook or on websites linked to Facebook Connect will allow your product ogled. Each 'thumbs up' on a given product, will increase the popularity of the product itself.

There is another, Facebook Chat name suggests, this could make you instantly connect and communicate frequently asked questions, if any prospective customers who want to buy your product but still in doubt. Time for you 'persuasion' that consumers want to buy your product.

2. Mobile Website

BlackBerry, iPhone and jasa pernikahan murah Android, all three are now popular in the telecommunications equipment market, including in Indonesia. Feel free to start a successful online store of the mobile website, the ease with which obtained by prospective customers is how they get the product information they need easily and quickly. If you are in the right time and position, of course, customers will not hesitate to order the products they are looking at your online store. Therefore, have an online store that can be accessed through mobile phones will be much better, because of the strength in terms of marketing you will expand your marketing area as well.

3. Online Business Directory

When you are confused about how to better expand the domain of your online store, do not hesitate to register to online business directories, there are a lot of websites where you can advertise for free while displaying your products. The more ads you place the product on the internet, the greater the likelihood that the consumer can find the product you are selling.

4. Location Based Service (LBS)

Business is based on the location will be more fun than just a regular online business. Do not be afraid to register yourself to the website can access your current existence as somersault or FourSquare. For those of you who do not know, Koprol and Foursquare are two websites where you can access current, the town in which you live, the place you're visiting and easily you can also update your Facebook status while in your favorite cafe or restaurant.

Pull customers to stop by your store. How? If overseas, the LBS feature even many famous cafes used to provide discounts for visitors who often come to the cafe. if for your store, you can offer the promo - promo in your online store to potential customers browsing the store location near you. Many potential customers are easily wooed with discounts and promos, especially its location adjacent to their current whereabouts.

5. Video Streaming

Who says only online store may attach any pictures? Why not try something new with online streaming video. You could just make an ad about one of your products and made like advertising on television, enough to make video advertising simple and uploaded to Youtube. No need to make a long video, at least make the video duration 30 seconds to 1 minute to create a catalog of your products more tempting. This method is suitable for mobile phones and electronic products so that potential customers can know what features are still there on the phone to be pernikahan murah bought in the store you.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Just open a stall in the online store itself, would have been a lot of people are doing it. In order for your online store become more crowded, do not be lazy to advertise on other websites, so it will make your traffic will be increased and more often visited from anywhere.

7. Price

Both sell real or online, the price is the highest priority, especially for consumers who have a budget fit. Price will probably be the most frequently ogled, because even if you are selling a good product, but if the shop next door, the price is cheaper, then get ready to lose customers. Get used to update information on the price of your products online on a regular basis, can be will make you know more about the price range and time that is suitable to offer discounts.

8. User Friendly

Simple, easy and minimalist. The third feels it is becoming a trend in online shops abroad. The simpler, the end user will be easier to access your online store. Of the potential customers will be more convenient to shop at an online store that is easy to understand how to access and more complicated than the picture Pampang crowded there. Quite often a lot of potential customers who do not yet understand the internet, but want to try shopping online.

9. Beautify Visual Design

Visualizing the design of a good online store, will make 'eye wash' potential consumers become more comfortable. They also would like to linger staring at the product catalog that you provide.

Show also features Product Comparison, where there are 2 similar products with different brands or prices can be compared, so that prospective buyers will be able to choose which is more suited to his needs. It would be great if it also displayed, Product Recommendation in which the products are displayed based personalization options users, which is more often he saw or what he had spent. With this feature, potential customers will be spoiled so it would be easier to buy a product which he needs without having to search for it first. layanan jasa seo murah Finding it will take time, while potential customers you can be busy and in a hurry to buy what they need at that moment.

10. Resolution

Resolution of 1024 × 768, a lot of websites online stores because the ancient principle still continue to use the resolution. Though it's been many resolutions smaller or larger size of 1280, 1440 or 1600. Many potential visitors finally forced seeing websites that do not fit the screen size, so by looking at it, potential customers become less comfortable shopping.

Not infrequently, mostly online store website, just put a little product in the category section. It feels very wasteful. Because many of Netter lazy opening pages one by one. The netters are more interested in shifting to scroll down the page rather than having to open one by one to select the products they need.

11. Expand Animation, Reduce Loading Time

This point seems rather dilemma, where you have to multiply the animation and reduce the loading time of the halamanwebsite. The development of the current website technologies more rapidly. Use AJAX technology, reduce the use of Flash. Can you imagine when you are installing the product using Flash animations in it to beautify. Unfortunately, the consumer does not install Flash, then the animation will not show up, it will create a blank space later.

Of course the animation AJAX shown no less beautiful. Than just displaying a dynamic menu, dynamic content to display gallery. Even lighter and make the website more quickly accessible. The faster the website is opened, potential consumers will more often visit the store online. They will come again and come again. AJAX animation here will be able to enhance your online shop website without aggravating your page loading time of your website online store jokowarino .

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You have a problem in your business ?

You have a problem in your wisata pulau pramuka business ? Your business runs smoothly and does not decrease ? Here are some tricks to do business with ease :
Business Enterprises Trick 1 : Focus Against Only One Business OnlyMany business owners who have several different types of business and do the same . This is actually not a constraint for the business owner to do so , but the constraint is when each of the business is not running optimally. One of the tricks of this business is that business owners can focus their efforts to the business of business only up to a maximum , after which it can develop other business venture . Focus on one business will make their businesses become more leverage .
Business Enterprises Trick 2 : Build a Strong TeamOne trick businesses that can help you to build and develop your own business is to build a strong team . The business owner needs to build a strong team so that the business can run more smoothly . Tricks business venture in building a strong team is not only maintaining the quality of human resources is a good course , but the existence of a solid team united together to build their business .
Business Enterprises Trick 3 : Applying Business on AutopilotThe trick of this business venture is a continuation of a previous business pulau pramuka wisata venture trick . Once the business owner has been focused on the business and have a strong team , a business owner can proceed with the next business trick by applying business on autopilot . The term business is autopilot I know when I was attending a business seminar hosted by the World's Top Business Coach is Coach John G. Pauly is also the founder of ActionCOACH Gratyo . The highest achievement of Coach John G. Pauly itself is the World's Top Coach Busniess among more than 1,000 ActionCOACH Business Coach in the whole world . According to him , the autopilot can be applied to business after business owners already have a strong team so that agen wisata pulau pramuka any business can run smoothly without the presence of the owner of a business in an office or place of business .
I hope trick short business can help business owners in developing their businesses .

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Cara Membuat Website dengan Joomla

How to Make a Website with Joomla - Joomla is a Content Management System ( CMS or CMS ) agen jual obat pembesar penis vimax that is free and open ( free open source ) written in PHP , but that is not the Giver of False Hope ya know bro :) .
And MySQL database on the internet for the purpose . Joomla Hosting Indonesia is a management system that offers easy to build powerful websites . The user interface and features of Joomla is very easy to use even by beginners . Joomla offers a solution that is easier to build a website in accordance with the wishes of its users .
Joomla CMS also offers the features and options of its own to build a website . And you can customize the design and features in Joomla according to your liking . Joomla template was designed with the features and design choices are diverse , which can attract pungunjung blog you created .
Benefits of using Joomla are:

Support professional , friendly , and reliable
High- performance servers
45 days money back warranty
Cheap web hosting package
Experienced in providing hosting since 2005
Joomla Hosting Data Backup service every 3 days .
Control panel is easy obat pembesar penis vimax to use .
Joomla Installation can be done with just one click
How to Make a Website with JoomlaHow to Make a Website with Joomla
As for how to further maximize Joomla , you can start by following ways :

Make sure the computer / leptop you have installed Joomla first corresponding with your website .
After you install , you should change the icon that corresponds to your website but you have to use a 16 × 16 pixel format can be jpg , gif , png or other support for the creation of icons .
But do not forget to backup the database files of Joomla , Joomla database membackuap can use PHPnya admin / backup by installing the database component .
To fill the conten Joomla you should NOT copying and pasting from a Word file , because it will make the contents of your content does not match the setting .
Continue to do not forget to mention about the placement of the search function on your Joomla website is important in terms of useful for visitors to search for articles on your website .
Do not turn enable export to PDF feature .
Kenudian check the position of the file and directory of Joomla , there are some file structure should be 777 and some are not . But to change the PHP configuration file after you edit to position 644 .
And for filling data not worry too much just enough description and meta 5 5 keywords correct .
Activate your cache which serves as a copy of a web page so that the user does not need to load the entire page each time they visit you .
Disable the default Joomla statistics that make the web faster we file full .
Unistall Component and module that are not in use .
Congratulations to give it a try and hopefully provide pembesar penis vimax aman information that could be useful for our readers.

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Cara Ngeblog Efektif Bagi Para Pelajar Sekolah

How to blog effectively for school students is important to me that blogging does not interfere with the study conducted education is taking because as we know the name of blogging that sometimes we have to focus and require substantial time, especially when early Tour Pulau Pari - early start blogging. Moreover, if the student is motivated by blogging for money or gains from the blog, blogging is certainly something that should be limited and controlled so as not to interfere with the learning activities of the students because as a student, his main responsibility is to learn to study.
If in developed countries such as America or Europe blogging or blogging is an activity that has become a culture especially for the students, but in contrast to developing countries such as Indonesia where the education system still includes the limited terms of where blogging is still not considered educational. The tendency of students developing countries such as Indonesia is, do micro blogging through using Facebook or Twitter are now being ngetrend among age students. But unfortunately, this is precisely the micro blogging no benefit at all other than wasting - wasting time learner can make sure everything even when it has reached the level Facebookholic or Twitterholic and certainly very negative for your learning as a student.
Well ... for those students who happen to read this post, my advice should you switch from activities that drain - the drain as above and try to switch to actual blogging using a blog like Blogspot or WordPress.
Here is how to blog effective for students who really want to plunge into the world of blogging and real without disturbing their activities as a student, but it will be more supportive of educational activities that you are living so that they were able to be done in a balanced way.

You should know that blogging can give fame, branding and extra income, but you have to understand that the degree and academic achievement is far more important to you at this time because there is no state-owned companies or receive HR with ngeblognya viewing experience. So stay united numbers and prioritize your studies.

Set in a balanced schedule and learning portion of your blogging activity as a student. It would be more meaningful if you are able to consistently and successfully for both these activities.

Socialize your blog on a friend - a friend of your students and provide appropriate content and connect with your position as a student. Examples of topics such as education is a good first step to begin with a student because it is very relevant to the everyday life of a student. Avoid taking business topics or make money from blogs.

In order for your blogging routine and regular exist without interrupting your studies, consider blogging is your second job.

Provide content that solves a problem or provide a solution to the problem, especially with regard to education and learning because in addition to you can help and share knowledge for your peers, also can help you for learning is related to education.

Take time to learn from other blogs more senior accordance with the topic of your blog. This will always develop your skills and knowledge.
Well ... for your students, blogging, or blogging can actually bring more benefits if you really - really learn and run it. It's much better than just cuap - cuap or gossip through social networking sites that I think is just a waste of your valuable time as a student.

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Cara Menggunakan Title Tag, Meta tag, dan Heading Tag

There are actually very few things that need to be considered in setting title of the article , or the Title Tag , Meta tags , and Heading Tags . Because this is going to be a problem later on for your blog . For novice blogger you may never ask this . Basically placement and pnyesuaian Title Tag , Meta tags , and Heading Tags is one of the ways the SEO optimization that must be considered , as this will greatly affect all the search engines to your blog Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online
At the time of the search engines visiting your blog , and check out all the content and structure of your blog , that's when . Bot they will check the title , description , tags , whether it is in accordance with the rules of good or not . Also will check if all the settings are in accordance with the content on your blog or not .
To that end , then put title tags , meta description tags , and heading tags are appropriate and properly should be kept. For existing heading tag , will inform both the important things that exist on every page of your blog . Therefore, try to learn to better understand how to properly perform on page optimization .
Learn how the placement of the structure so that your blog does not get into trouble when a search engine bot checking your blog . Below I made ​​a little example of how to use title tags and meta tags .
This is for the Title tag investasi hemat :
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "Disini For Url Homepage Anda"'><title> Your Blog Title Here < / title ><meta content='Deskripsi Blog Maximum 25 Kata' name='description'/>< / b : if>
And this code for any new articles that you created :
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "Disini For Url Anda"'> articleArticle Title <title> Here you maximum 60 characters < / Title><meta content='Disini For Your Article Description Maximum 25 Kata' name='description'/>< / b : if>
So that would be like the example below:
<head>/ * Here code Homepage To page * /<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "http://contohblog.blogspot.com/"'><title> Online Business The Easy Way < / Title>< meta content = ' Nowadays a lot of web that offer services for online business , but not necessarily all of them can be relied upon . With increasing competition , then there are a few tips in the online business that you have to understand it properly . ' Name = ' description ' / >< / b : if>/ * Here code for your new article * blog joko /<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "http://contohblog.blogspot.com/bisnis-online-terpercaya.html"'>Best Online Business Pulse <title> < / Title><meta content='Bisnis Banyak, The Pulse Online Now you Harusa Very Careful Choosing Business Partners Business Pulse Anda, Follow The Best Way In Blog Ini' name='description'/>< / b : if>............................................< / Head >
For the red writing simply replaced and adjust to your blog , either for title or to description. That's my short tips tonight, especially for novice bloggers , hopefully can complement the knowledge about seo tips . Hopefully can help and there manfatnya
IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online

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As already explained that there are several small islands that serve as tourist attractions on the island of a thousand


Keep in mind that a thousand or so islands called an island of a thousand islands that have an amount of about 110 islands which consists of large islands and small islands . Actually, just one thousand islands district name . Which is unique in the district are small islands that wahana pulau tidung exudes natural charm and make it beautiful tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by people of Indonesian and foreign tourists .
Each small island in the archipelago of a thousand has a unique history and diverse . However, from a few thousand island tour on the island who later described it looks like you should try to visit and feel the sensation and exotic from the island . You will find the natural scenery and beautiful underwater paradise and memorable . In addition there are some tourist activities that you can not reject them snorkeling , diving , banana boat and many more .
Tourism in the Thousand Islands
As already explained that there are several small islands that serve as tourist attractions on the island of a thousand . But there are nine thousand island tour on the island were breathtaking and must be known .
1 . Ayer Island
Ayer Island in the Thousand Islands
pulau tidung murah Island Ayer ( Ayer Island ) is an island in the island of a thousand who have a source of fresh water . Type Cottage No 2 is offered on land and at sea ( floating cottage ) . Most of the tourists prefer floating cottages than on land . Ayer island may be surrounded by way of walking or riding a bike .
2 . Angel Island
Angel Island in the Thousand Islands
Angel Island ( Angel Island ) are perfect for nautical tourists who love to explore the island a thousand . In addition to offering beautiful natural charm , the island is also a building with ethnic decor because a lot of historical relics .
3 . Pantara Island
Pantara Island in the Thousand Islands
Pantara island famous for its clear waters and beautiful coral reefs . It is suitable for those who have a hobby of snorkeling and diving . In this island there is also a very interesting sport that is scuba diving .
4 . Alam Kotok Island
Alam Kotok Island in the Thousand Islands
Alam Kotok Island ( Kotok Island ) offers natural tropical environment . Mangrove trees were planted in the white sand is spread characteristics. Tame lizard also be one of the characteristics of the natural islands kotok .
5 . Island Princess
Princess Island in the Thousand Islands
One thousand island on the island that wisata pulau tidung  have undersea aquarium is the Island Princess ( Princess Island ) . Island Princess is one of the island favored by the visitors because of its facilities is quite satisfactory for a vacation .
6 . Sepa Island
Sepa Island in the Thousand Islands
Sepa Island ( Sepa Island ) has a beach and underwater ecosystems that make the visitors spellbound . Panorama Sepa Island is also one of the favorite places because the diver diving and snorkeling are the main activities .
7 . Rainbow Island
Rainbow Island in the Thousand Islands
Another title from Pelangi Island ( Rainbow Island ) is Petondan West . Rainbow islands including small island that has complete facilities for the tourists . Rainbow island is also covered with shady trees and dense .
8 . Scout Island
Scout Island in the Thousand Islands
Island Scout ( Scout Island ) has a blue sea and adjacent to the marine park has an interesting panorama . For tourists who are fond of diving and snorkeling , the island is a haven scout ideal .
9 . Tidung Island
Tidung Island in the Thousand Islands
One of the largest islands Joko Warino Tips in the island of a thousand is Tidung Island ( Tidung Island ) . This island is unique because it has a beautiful bridge with the nickname bridge of love . With beautiful panoramic marine ecosystems are still awake and beauty make tidung as an alternative tourist spot at an affordable price .

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If you already know what it is and its function backlinks for SEO

If you already know what it is and its function backlinks for SEO , then I'm sure you must be very hunt backlinks for your website optimization in order to have a good ranking in search engines . Here the role of backlink software will certainly help in hunting backlinks because it can save time and effort so you can focus on other things .
Especially if you have an online obat pembesar penis  business that is engaged in the field of website optimization services like SEO services or backlinks , backlink software use will certainly help your business become more efficient by increasing profits .
Well , coincidentally one of my best friends online business Reza has just released a backlink software called BackLink snatcher whose function is to assist with SEO activities seek quality backlinks from your competitors website . Yes ... I mean is , this software will find backlink sources that are used by your competitors websites SERP perched on the same keywords that you are targeting .
So here you can use the same source of backlinks to your competitors who are used to achieve a ranking of the targeted key dengankata . Supposing ATM ( Observe , Imitate and Modification ) , Snatcher Backlink software has the same working principle is to look for backlinks to your competitors observe , imitate and modify for your needs and that certainly is a quality backlink backlink because that's what makes competitors' websites are in page one search keywords that you are targeting .
Start exciting is not it?
Yes ... according to my own no domestically-made software that functions like this . For backlink software made ​​overseas are already there , but when compared to the price and function , I think Backlink Snatcher superior in terms of price and quality is not inferior to backlink search software made ​​overseas . In addition , after I try it turns very light on computer obat telat bulan with fast process to get backlinks competitors . Yes ... maybe that will speed relative because it depends on the speed of your internet connection as well . But overall , it's a good backlink software snatcher used as a weapon to hunt quality backlinks . Moreover, in an age where Google Penguin current composition rather than on the quantity of backlinks again that determine the ranking of a website , but from the quality of the backlink.
Blog crowded , many of which access , many are seeing , many who visit . It certainly desire most bloggers , including me :) . It is not easy to create a blog to be crowded , but it is also not difficult to realize the lively blog . Inspired by the simple writing my first post here which , it turns out today after 3 years back I found . It turns out quite a lot who read and commented .
Actually, this story would move them , but open the way copy and paste directly but by way of writing back . Can be replicated as well , if you want to move the post do not copy and paste , it is feared could make a duplicate post . Well , we go back a secret to make it crowded blog :
Original Post by RoutineIt is important , if we blog our long never update , yes , of course Mr. Google will lose our position , and also the reader will get bored , looking for a new one . Although not often , but should be routine , eg, 4 times a month . also make sure that we are writing the original post , instead of copy and paste .
Note that links in and OutTry to be a lot of links to our blog , but we also have to put out a link , to a blog or other website . 3 comparison may link to our blog and the 2 links that we put out . Incoming links can be obtained with a blog walking , leaving behind traces , and commenting on other people's blogs . Links that we put that normally as a blogroll or link in the post , try to blogs that have high page rank .
alat bantu sex Optimize your Blog with SEOWe must optimize our blog , it means working to blog visited by many people is the blog of our own . The examples that we can do to optimize your blog is , change their titles to the blog post title , add meta tags , register our blog to Goole , and so on .
Another advantage of Social MediaIn addition to depending on the search engine , in a time that now we also should be able to utilize other social media to spread the latest post link . Social media or social networking sites that are popular at the time, such as twitter , facebook , google+ and others. Social media or bookmarking sites to share interesting links , if in Indonesia such as his Ureport Vivanews or Traffic News .
That's the secret of making a blog that crowded , so it 's not a secret anymore . Blogs are media and of course our own blog could be like a brand or a brand . So build the brand well , so many customers , many readers that it becomes crowded .

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penyerdehanaan jurus SEO, pencarian backlink

Free seo , seo tactics , seo tricks or whatever it's called , actually has a lot on the pillowcase in some blog some " teacher " . I am still jasa desain website murah learning that explore the science of seo is actually not the one deserve to ' teach ' , then because it is in this seo article I just pingin to exchange my thoughts with all buddies who might just been stranded on his blog this Indonesian blogger community .

Okay , let's start ' exchanging thoughts ' , as the title of my article today ' simplification techniques seo tactics ' . his inspiration from often I read the comments of some bloggers who were studying seo blog site some 'guru ' like this : "how many bgt y pace , what no less distinguished ? " or " I have to start from a place where huh ? " . nah pretty ironic in my opinion , seo tactics when it has been quite a lot of stuff , some beginners like me so confused because not only do not know but a very trivial reason , " must start from where ? " . too many choices to make someone so confused , more confused than at the beginning .

So because of that I pingin " brainstorm " on the Indonesian blogger community companions as well as how to start practicing immediately , this article might almost no theory because I believe you have to know the whole theory about seo itself.
we can begin to practice from here , I want the whole buddies practicing immediately with the technique "read and action " .

Backlink search technique is very simple :
provide comments on the site do follow pulau pari  blogs is a very simple technique in the search backlinks ( this is my opinion , you can not be together because like I have said , this is the area change of mind . why this step is very simple / simple ? yeah , what's hard it 's just not only give comments ? simpler than technique " link exchange " or " link exchange " or technical " dummy blog " .

When you go to the www . google. co . ps if your blog site is Indonesian language blog site , or www . google. com blog site if you speak English . have ? if it had been written " list do follow blog sites Indonesia " ( Indonesian language blog for the site ) or write " do follow blogs list" ( for English-language blog site ) . specified in the blog / website of the happy results that look and coment ! !

Note : when friends leave comments please leave your url + http :/ / . particularly concerning that " anchor text " of his ! anchor text is placed in the column name . for example, you are targeting the keyword " seo blog " . then the column name in the content with the keywords pingin shot .

Have ? if not please comme a friend who can . if it has currently turn comme on his blog jasa pembuatan toko online murah dunk Indonesian blogger community ... hhe . if you're too lazy to comment on his blog this Indonesian blogger community GPP also , once explained the origin of friends why not comment here ..

Note : This is a very simple technique in my opinion . then not only meaningful after doing a trick on a SERP result of your blog site soon so good . remember , there is no easy steps to success . This article however contrived to menyerdehanakan useful for beginners like me this .
Post By : alat bantu sex

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Ngeblog? Sambil Bisnis Donk

How persistent the elders of the ancient Sundanese explore what happened in the course of the long history of our nation . And the insights revealed through the way of life , a precious legacy as the leader of the handle of lowest to highest leaders . We start from the leader of the family . There is a proverb gagade nyarande bari ( 1 ) . Every parent , must always crave her pulau pari  forward , far exceeding the progress made by his parents .
Blogging ? While Business Donk , so maybe that's a suitable title for my post this time . in this article I want to explain about the various online businesses . most people think that blogs can generate money ( made ​​business ) is the blogs by using the English language alone . when in fact many ways to do business online using a blog in Indonesia . yes , although income from Indonesian language blog is not as much the result of the Indonesian language blog .The following I will discuss about what the business can be run by using the Indonesian language blog .
1 . affiliate business
business system is done in a way we are promoting goods that are sold at certain sites . and any goods sold because the buyer purchased through our blog , then we get a commission of about 6 % of the sales price . sites which provide the business such pulau tidung as for example www.amazon.com . list only , free guaranteed . :)
2 . reseller business
business system is done in a way we become a member of the site . registration was not free , before becoming a member we are required to pay some money to the site . but the advantages of this business is that we get a commission of 40-50 % of the sales of the products offered through our referral . examples of sites that provide the business is www.panduandasar.com .
3 . sell their own products
This business system requires us to make a quality product and is needed by many people . well if you liked the product and the buyer is happy with something you created ( such as ebooks ) . then you will get a commission equal to 100 % of the sales price . but do not forget , you are selling information quality should not sloppy .
4 . became publisher
publisher is a business system that we usually see when we visited the blog ( blog walking ) , and we see no ads on their blogs . like advertising on my blog too, of course . :) You also never heard of pengobatan alternatif Google AdSense ? nah it's also kind of online business as I tell which became publisher . well as in google adsense does not accept blogs that contain about tuisan Indonesian - language text . then we can replace it with a blogger gathering . we can register on the site or can also be www.kumpulblogger.com AdsenseCamp can take a look at what we can www.adsensecamp.com commission is the result of the visitor clicks . but remember , do not click on the ad itself , because the risk was banned .
5 . direct advertiser
same as publisher , the business is usually done if we had pretty high traffic . why ? because this is a service that someone wants advertisers to run ads that are on our blog . price? yes we specify it themselves . 100 % commission for us loh ... nah so not hurt if we blog , we hobby fun while doing business . :) Well if there are additional friends can be written in the comments ... greetings bloggers

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Facebook Mobile Application Download Latest 2012
Download Latest Mobile Application Facebook 2012 - Despite long-standing , facebook is still widely enjoyed Jeja lover ...
hello all my friend who are visiting this blog I will share a little experience like where do I run an online business by joining the program PTC ( paid to click ) , I think the PTC ( paid to click ) already know a lot , but there's nothing wrong I have described here a little to those who have understood and are still confused how to enroll in the program PTC ( paid to click ) .
Said his father - " Kilangbara atuh father so Patani , maneh must be pamingpin - mah " ( 2 ) . His son replied , " atuh , Pa . Piraku father ngongkosan servant , tina langkung ngaluarkeun costs kabutuhan father " ( 3 ) . Said his father , " Father mah bae Keun gagade bari nyarande ge , ti leuwih origin can hidep father " ( 3 ) . It is an example of leadership shown by a father . Leaders who are willing to sacrifice for the betterment of their children . Leaders have to like it , he should be more concerned with the welfare and progress of his men .
Do not be a leader nyalindung ka bun . Depending on other people , do not have an attitude . Let us guar ( 5 ) the term haripeut me teuteureuyeun . That's a picture of greed . If so leaders do my haripeut teuteureuyeun . That is , do not be greedy , do not corruption or collusion . So to speak . Then the term kejot borosot . Kids today may not be familiar with that expression . That is ; leaders do not make decisions quickly or hastily .
So many phrases that actually is not just a phrase, term , or proverbs , or else lived turned out to have deep meaning as a way of life . And if the advice of the elders were executed , implemented , will feel the benefits and impact , both for the family leader or leaders even higher . I think so many expressions that can be used as guidelines Sunda to be conceptualized , so leadership Sunda remains grounded in the philosophy kasundaan " .

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