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 there are errors or omissions in this blog please in understandable and forgive , because I am only human and still relatively new in the world of blogging .Actually, it feels less PD careful to load this post , since there are some virtual friends who are always asking about how I ended up setting blogspot posts too ( though we also baseball champions very well anyway ... the new taunya yesterday afternoon , , , hehehe ) .possible for the master blogspot will smile at this post , but how else in our lives to share , if the PMR " SERA SERA- CAKE " .. ( whoa so ya speech ) iklan baris  .
With a desire to share my friend 's new blog, there are some settings / preferences that should be done so that we can identify the blog search engines such as Google , Yahoo , Msn and other friends . When you do not know what should be in the settings , please follow the steps    Please login to blogger.com buddy with a user name and password of my friend
Click on the title of a blog that would be set ( if my friend already has several blogs )
Click Settings , then click Basic . Several forms that must be filled on the Basic menu :

⇒ content with the title of your blog title . Example : Blogspot Tutorial

⇒ description with a description of the contents of your blog . Example : Here we will share experiences and knowledge about the Blog

Add your blog to our listings ? ⇒ select yes so that each post we always go on the list of Blogger.com .

Let search engines find your blog ? ⇒ select yes

Show Quick Editing on your Blog ? ⇒ select Yes

  bisnis online 
Show Email Post links ? ⇒ should select yes , but choose not too anything

Adult content ? ⇒ Select the no . If you select yes means your blog is considered a blog for adults ( sort of porn blog )

Show Compose Mode for all your blogs ? ⇒ select Yes

Enable transliteration ? ⇒ select No , if you want a button to turn regular letters into hindi ( India ) , select yes if otherwise )

Click the Save Settings button . completed
4 . Click to set the menu Publications Publications :

Blog * Spot address ⇒ content with the name of your blog . Example : column - tutorial . Typically the address listed is the direct address of your blog , so do the change aja .

Click the Save button settings . completed
5 . Click the Format menu to set format :

Show ⇒ select the number of posts you want to display . Missal : Show : 6 posts , then post that will appear on your blog page is a total of six posts . Select the post (not days ) in the pulldown menu .

Date Header Format ⇒ Choose the date / month you like , format date / month it will always appear on our posts .

⇒ Archive Index Date Format to select the model 's lawyer- archive that you like .

Timestamp Format ⇒ Select the shape that you like pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar .

⇒ Time Zone Select the appropriate time zone . Example for PM : [ UTC - +7.00 ] Asia / Jakarta .Like the Giving Effect Snow in Blog , falling leaves effects also add to the attraction for visitors to the blog , the trick is to use javascript code , so little aggravate loading blog .This effect should not add that in your blog is using video effects slide , online mp3 music player or other animation scripts . So consider carefully before using a javascript effect .
Here's How to Make Leaves falling Effect :

Login to your blogger dashboard .
Mobile / Posted 162 days ago / 2 CommentsframerjsFramerjs : Creating Animations for Desktop and Mobile Prototype
Framerjs ( www.framerjs.com ) is a tool for creating animated websites or your applications on a desktop or mobile , this tool is very friendly and has been integrated with Photoshop that can help us in setting up the display for the created animation .
Framer Photoshop from Koen Bok on Vimeo .
Framerjs uses animation frame - per - frame -based CSS . for those who are beginners should learn CSS and Javascript , to learn Javascript please visit this page or https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/learn/javascript http://www.codecademy.com/tracks/javascript .
This tool is great to be jasa pembuatan toko online murah used as a presentation to the client prior to product application / website so , as the initial idea for the concept in the show to the client .
Already there are examples of projects that are available to be learned in the Framerjs website , please visit their website Framerjs ( www.framerjs.com )Tagscreate animated desktop , animated desktop css , web to make a prototype , prototype tools to create a free web application , free tools making the mobile site , create a prototype website , build dimobile posting site , make prototype effect with photoshop , making mobile animation , animation in desktop Giving , cool animation javascript to wordpress , Deskop animation applications , cool animations for desktop , animated html in Deskop , desktop and mobile websiteShare this:


Click the Template > Edit HTML .
Then click Proceed and check Expand widget templates .
Find the code < / head> in the template by using Ctrl + F.
Copy the javascript code below and place it just above the </ head > .
<script src='http://wadah-tutorial.googlecode.com/files/leaf.js' type='text/javascript'/>
Save your template and see the result iklan gratis.
Sob wrote that much , good luck Effect Leaves falling in Blog .Related Post :

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Labels : Tips and Tricks , Blogspot Tutorials
⇒ Select the language to the desired language .

Show Field title ⇒ Select yes
or anything tidakpun

Show the link column ⇒ select yes, but if choose not too anything .

Enable float alignment ⇒ select yes , but if want to select is not too anything

Click the Save Settings button . completed
6 . Click on Comments To set the menu comment :

Comments ⇒ select the show , this article so that you can be commented by visitors

Who can comment ? ⇒ Choose Anyone - includes Anonymous user . This meant that every person can be said is not limited to members only blogspot .

Comments Default for Posts ⇒ select a new post has comments .

Backlinks ⇒ Select the show . obat aborsi This is so that we know if there is put a link on our article .

Backlinks Default for Posts ⇒ select New Posts Have Backlinks.

Comments Timestamp Format ⇒ select short hour format . Example : 8:00 PM .

Show comments in a popup window ? ⇒ select Yes . So that when clicked by a visitor , your blog page do not disappear / hit komntar page .

Enable comment moderation ? ⇒ select ( preferably ) .

Show word verification for comments ? ⇒ select Yes . This in intended to avoid the software in order to spam robot .

Show profile images on comments ? ⇒ select yes . So that the image commentators have en blogger , can display the picture .

Email Notification Comment browse dg ⇒ your email address , this meant that every one who commented on your article , you can email posts of blogger.com notice .

Click the Save Settings button . completed
7 . Click Archive To set the Archive menu :

⇒ select a frequency Monthly Archives .

Enable Post Pages ? ⇒ select yes .

Click the Save Settings button . Completed .
8 . Click the Fedd site to site feed set menu :

⇒ select Allow Full Blog Feed .

Post URL Changing the Direction of Feed ⇒ fill in the address of such penggati feed from feed burner feed address , if not have , in clear only .

Post Feed Footer ⇒ Please fill in the code you have ads , ie ads from Google adsense code , etc. , but if not , please leave it blank .

Click the Save Changes button . Completed .
Hopefully I can post the alat bantu sex result of staying up this useful for newbe ( like us so .. )Create the master I was expecting comments , criticisms , suggestions , and guidance from you , because all it would be very simple to build for my blog .
And for beginners , let's learn together to develop our knowledge about the world of blogging .
Thank you ' n Happy Blogging ! ! ! Sa study materials , we will make a Blog on Blogspot page . Because there are several advantages and benefits compared to other service providers Blogspot .While also making the process easier .
1 . THEMES customization .At Blogspot template you can change whatever you like , whether it is already provided by Blogspot , or templates from third parties . All that can be done easily without having to understand programming language because it just drag and drop .
2 . IMAGE STORAGE 1GB .At Blogspot we have a fairly large storage space for Blogspot already Integrate Picassa .
3 . IMPORT .Can easily import from one Blogger account to another because there are still some data that do not want to miss when weswitching accounts .
4 . PRIVATE BLOG .Can create a blog with the permissions of private , only invited and have a Google account to enter. Surely it must be our first setting .
5 . BLOG TIME .Can make the organization of access rights with some invited .
6 . WIDGETThat much is a third party application , an application that can be installed on your blog . Eg weather to see the weather conditions , to see statistics blog statistics .
7 . Integrate WITH ADSENSEBlogger.com has been Integrate with adsense so you can make adsense widget from dhasboard very easy in air- ria adsense .
8 . CUSTOM DOMAINBy blogging on Blogger , you can mengcustom with a paid domain , this thing could easily be done in Blogger .
In addition to the advantages that we describe here , there are still some things that's why we are more likely to make a Blog on Blogspot page . Further we shall see later in the next post .

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