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Manzai (漫 才? ) Is the art of comedy that comes from the Kansai region , Japan

Manzai (漫 才? ) Is the art of comedy that comes from the Kansai region , Japan . Performing Manzai usually done by two people conversing in front of an audience telling funny stories , awkward , or does not make sense to talk like Agen Judi Onlinerhythm bersahut-replication . One person acts as the smart ( tsukkomi ) which serves as a feeder , and another who plays the fool ( boke ) which tells the story that keeps the audience laughing blurted . Manzai can be said to be akin to stand - up comedy is known in the United States .
Manzai term coined in 1933 by the promoters advertising section Yoshimoto Kogyo entertainment arts in Osaka to distinguish dipentaskannya art with the art of storytelling Mandan . At that time , Mandan artists often employed in the movie theater to explain the content of the story silent film currently playing .
Performers Manzai called Manzai - shi . Manzai couple called Kombi . Married couples who do Manzai called Meoto Manzai . Manzai originating from the Kansai region is often also referred to as Kamigata Manzai .
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In the performing arts Heian period there were carried around to celebrate the new year . The art also called Manzai (万 歳? ) , But written with different kanji characters . Art " Manzai " Heian era performed by two people , one beating a drum and danced again to congratulate the new year while visiting people's homes . In the Edo period in Japan have sprung up throughout the various types Manzai named for the place name is derived as Mikawa province of Mikawa Manzai origin , and the origin Manzai Yamato Yamato Province . At that time , the artist Manzai not only plays music and dancing , but also chatted to tell funny stories that are intended to provoke laughter listener .
In the Meiji era , art Manzai (万 才? ) Are displayed in the building in Osaka is still based on the " Manzai " (万 歳? ) Heian period using musical accompaniment . Couple Tamagoya Entatsu , Sunagawa Sutemaru and Nakamura Haruyo often referred to as the pioneer Manzai . Unfortunately at that time , Manzai only be considered as a complementary performance due in theaters more often performed rakugo who happened to be popular .
At the end of the Taisho era ,
Hosting Murah Berkualitas SheHoster.com Entatsu Yokoyama (1896-1971) and Hanabishi Achako ( Yoshimoto Kogyo comedian pair ) start Manzai style without music , and only consists of a conversation . Manzai new style is called syabekuri Manzai which turned out to be a popular and widely accepted by society . Around 1931, Yoshimoto Kogyo entertainment promoters began abbreviate appellation syabekuri Manzai be Manzai (漫 才? ) As it is known today . Furthermore , Yoshimoto Kogyo Tokyo to business expansion . Manzai pioneered Entatsu - Achako pair became famous , and also the stars popping new Manzai . In modern times , Manzai developed into an art that not only staged in the theater , but also on television and radio .thew
In contrast to the art of rakugo is bound by rules , comedian Manzai have a lot of freedom . Comedian allowed to talk while doing weird poses or movements , jig - dancing , to even hit the fool . Manzai usually performed without music , although there is also a comedian who berpentas Manzai while playing a musical instrument or use background music . In addition , a group of 3 people ( or more ) also play a new style of shaped Manzai play comedy .
On stage , the comedian should Manzai possessed excellent wear . Essentially , costume Manzai comedian is a party dress . Comedian Manzai man wearing a kimono or following suit tie , while women wear kimono Manzai comedian or frocks colorful flashy , complete with high heels .
In keeping with the times , partly Manzai comedian role as a comedian on television ( Owarai Talento or Owarai Geinin ) . Clothing worn while performing on stage is a casual outfit worn everyday . Comedian Manzai new style often use props , such as chairs , tables , cabinets , and a projection screen .The smart and the stupid
Couple Manzai comedian called combi . A comedian role as the smart ( tsukkomi ) and another who plays the fool ( boke ) . The role of the fool is to tell stories with content that has irregularities , so strange or funny , with the goal laugh . Comedian who plays the clever fool in charge of interrupting the story , and fix the parts that are considered odd , so that the audience knows when to laugh .
LigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A TerpercayaComedian who became the smart sometimes use derogatory words to tell the fool that strange or bizarre story . Not only that , the comedian plays a fool not uncommon to receive a slap with the palm of the hand on the head or chest. Sometimes cast the fool should also take a hit on the head with a cardboard folded like a fan , or a toy that emits a hard blow .
Unlike the continuous fool should tell , the only smart occasionally interrupting the story stupid . That is as bait for the fool becomes more amusing . It also utilized the opportunity to take a breath stupid , so rapid tempo story can be maintained .

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