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Want planted vegetables in pots or polybags?

Want planted vegetables in pots or polybags? media manufacturing plant is an important factor that should be known. There are several ways to make a polybag planting media.

Media planting organic vegetables in a polybag

Planting media is one very important factor that determines the bercocok planting activities. Planting media will determine the merits of the plant growth, which in turn affects the production yield. Planting media types are numerous and varied. Especially with the development of various methods bercocok crops, such as hydroponics and aeroponics.

Each type of plant requires nature and characteristics of the different planting media. For example, fruit crops require different planting media characters with vegetables. Fruit crops require a solid planting media that can sustain plant growth is
Taruhan Bola  relatively larger, while the type of leaf vegetable crops which need more media hype and easily penetrated the roots.

Kala Home Page Narrow Disulap Be Raising Vegetables and Fish Farms
April 5, 2014 Andi Fachrizal, Pontianak
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Alexander Mering sometimes harvest spinach in his aquaponic garden. Photo: Andi Fachrizal

Alexander Mering sometimes harvest spinach in his aquaponic garden. Photo: Andi Fachrizal

Gradually narrow the home page does not make Asriyadi Alexander Mering, chief of staff of the Upper Cape, Eastern District of Pontianak, Pontianak, this abortive bercocok plant. "No need to dream of producing something meaningful for the family." So says the man who was active in this journalistic world.

How does it work? Mering make aquaponic gardening in the yard of narrow. As a result, your home environment cool, and green. Keluargapn food needs are met even produce. "Managing the kitchen, attains security. Vegetables we consume even all organic. How to eat catfish or indigo, we are cultured, "he said on Tuesday (01.04.14).

Mering juggle the front and side of the house
Judi Online into a small scale aquaponic gardening. At the bottom, there is a fish pond from concrete. The top four inches multilevel paralon measure as a means of growing a variety of vegetables.

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