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During the month of Ramadan yesterday

During the month of Ramadan yesterday , there is a special crop grown by most farmers in the province of Banten . The planBisnis Internett that produces the dominant orange color . Although there are other colors in the fruits. Tsb crop is cucumber homemaker . Usually cucumber crops grown on the farm homemaker / moor / garden.
This plant also produces many flowers , yellow flowers . These flowers are often visited by various insects.
Plants Flowers / Fruits in Central Rice
But , when the crop is planted in between the fields or near the rice fields there will be others . This can be a profitable relationship between rice and cucumber homemaker . The relationship can be called symbiosis mutualism . A
Jasa Buat Website Murahnd end - ujungnnya profitable farmers themselves , ,

Where parking mutualismenya symbiosis ?
Cucumber plants are flowering reed approached by an insect . Typically, they will do pollination . Pollination is done to make the flower fertilization occurs .
On the other hand , usually are predatory insects . Obviously, the most predatory mite pest in rice plants.
Imagine , if there are hundreds / thousands of insects that come into flower plant cucumbers tsb homemaker . After ituratusan / thousands of insects will " chew " mite - specific pests on rice plants .
When this case is done by many farmers in a village, the pest on rice will be restrained . Important pest mites such as rod , BPH chocolate , etc. will not be a serious pest again .
Is the cucumber plant only reed ? obv
Jasa Pembuatan Websiteiously not
There are still many other crops that could serve as alternatives. Essentially, tsb crops planted around rice field . And adapted to the crop growth phase

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