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Running usaLahan large palm seeds should not

Running usaLahan large palm seeds should not be made retaining heat. Fill soil manure mixed half of the polybag . Polybag Dimensions customizable . Big polTaruhan Bola Online ybag will be needed when large seeds will be made until the age of two years. Or will be planted in soil or peat bog . Similarly, when the seedlings will be planted on land that no rat mites . Palm seedlings of two years will be far more resistant to rodents, because the base of the stem is harder.
As the distance between polybag is 80cmx80cm . So , in a land Rante , some 625 trees . But if this palm seedlings will be planted at the age of more than one year to two years, then the distance is 1mx1m polybag , so in a land Rante will contain 400 trees . After polybag arranged on the ground , and adequately watered so that the soil soft . Then a small polybag plastic sides , remove them from the land, and put in the ground in a big polybag already riddled with wood. That is, the land in large polybag high above the ground as deep slow ditugal small polybag , with big pointy round timber rather small polybag , easy to bebi seated . Try to position the tree completely upright. As the ground level is equal to the level ground at planting the seeds of a small palm , between the roots and the Bongkot seed oil.
More watering is done every evening at half- liter water per plant , when not enough rain . Fertilizing with chemical fertilizer can be done one month later. You can use NPK fertilizer pearl or even a mixture of urea , tsp and KCL . As of this adoption , we will write the script further . Place the fertilizer in a polybag as far as possible from the Bongkot , to avoid the heat capacity of fertilizer to the tree . Total fertilizer adapt to growth and seedling condition . But nurturing stint two weeks is recommended.
Large seeds are more resistant to flooding , so she could have time to recover when temperatures. And the seeds of a turnaround may be worn .
Typically , there is almost no mites that attack the seeds of this , but if there is an attack the borer caterpillar , then spraying with insecticides is possible . As for the type of insecticide adapted to the type of mite attack . Full details about the eradication of pests on our crops will write separately . Insha Allah.
If you have any rodent infestation , then clean the area and surrounded by plastic fencing . Plastic should always be in a bad mood , because when ken ( Assu
Agen Judi Onlinemption of Care and Nurturing Good )

These costs should be issued :

Purchase cost per ha Lahan = Rp . 5,000,000
Hanging land is vary depending on location

Cleaning Lahan around = Rp per ha . 500.000

Seed price :
Seed should be purchased from a clear and qualified, very risky if buy buy from a place that despite its apparent nope just ½ of a formal seed seller , because the risks can not bear fruit of palm - 2 at all fixed anyway if the result will be bad fruit . Place -2 which is accustomed qualified in selling seeds among others , PT . Lonsum ( London Sumatra) , PT . Socfin Fields, PPKS ( Palm Research Center ) , etc. .
Prices around the age of 6 months = Rp . 15,000 per tree tree
Seedling age may still be eaten pig mites . So it takes an extra charge for making a fence to secure the pig . If the manufacturing cost per tree tree fence around 5
Agen Bola Terpercaya, b rupiah dropped the price to Rp . 20,000 trees per tree .
18 months for around = Rp . 30,000 trees per tree .
Seedlings monthly age 18 was not eaten pork since it grows thorns. So it need not cost more to prosecute harassment pig mites .

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