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Water Cashew Cultivation

Water Cashew Cultivation - Cultivation Farmers. If the water rose in the rural areas are very often found. Fresh flavors of guava contains a lot of water because water. Guava Fruit Cultivation water if done correctly will increase the welfare of farmers. Jual Website Murah  Here's an article about Cashew Cultivation Method Air.
BRIEF 1.SEJARAH CASHEW AIR Guava water comes from the Indo China and Indonesia, spread to Malaysia and the islands of the Pacific. There are still concentrated as garden plants For family consumption. Guava fruit water just morbidly sweet refreshing, but it has the appearance of diversity within. Rose apple (Eugenia aquea Burm) categorized as one type of fruit that has not been touched potential to foment pembudidayannya commercial. Perishable nature which becomes an important problem that needs to be solved. The fruit can be said to be ill-skinned, so little physical damaged fruit will accelerate the rotting fruit.
2. TYPE PLANT AIR CASHEW Systematics guava plants are as follows: Kingdom: Plantarum Sub Kingdom: Kormophyta Super Division: Kormophyta seeds Division: Spermatophyta Sub Division: Angiospermae Classis: Dycotyledoneae Order: Myrtales Familia: Myrtaceae Genus: Syzygium Species: Eugenia aquea
In addition, there are 2 types of guava grown that much, but both are not very striking difference. The two types are Syzygium quaeum (small water guava) and Syzygium samarangense (guava large). Large water guava varieties namely: guava Semarang, Madura, Candles (super sweet), Apples & Cincalo (red & green / white) and the water rose types are: Camplong (Bangkalan), Buttons, Rose (pink palace), Sukaluyu , Baron, Shocked, Rojak, Neem, Bell (super heavy), and Manalagi (without seeds). While most commercial varieties that are Cincalo & Semarang, which each consist of two kinds (red & white).
3. BENEFITS OF WATER PLANT CASHEW In general, water guava eaten fresh, but
Pembuatan Website Iklan can also be made puree, syrup, jelly, jam / preserves the form of the other. In addition to the "table fruit" guava also has become a sophisticated fine dining with made salads and fruit coctail. An important chemical constituents of guava water is sugar and vitamin C. The fruit is ripe guava sweet taste, in addition served as a table fruit salad and pickles to likewise. Sometimes the bark can be used as medicine.

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