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The first thing to be done in this worm

The first thing to be done in this worm farming worm seed and media that will be used for worms . Media can be used for worm grajen mushroom waste or waste from mushroom cultivation . Birthday clarify , former grajen this mushroom can be mixed with kletong Jadwal bola ( cow dung ) dried or semi- dried , and ground.

" If the media is ready, the media can be directly leveled at the pool . To measure the pool could use a 1 x 4 meters with 60 cm high . Policy can pool lined with bricks laid out in such a way .

Given the worm is an animal with a natural habitat in the soil, so do not forget to mix the soil in the cultivation media worm . Good soil for worms media mix is the land taken in the river . After the media finished , completed indukan worm spread evenly .

The worm is an animal that loves moist places and easy stress if exposed to sunlight. Therefore , it is important to check the moisture of the media every day . Earned media do not get too wet and too dry . If dry , the media can of worms sprayed water everywhere and not excessive . For your own pool should use iyup - iyup ( roof ) so that the light does not
Berita Bola  get into the pool , Birthday greetings are currently already has 20 ponds and plan to add an lagi.BETERNAK / WORM SOIL CULTIVATION - Aquaculture farmers . Animals are just as disgusting snail for some people , but for some people menadi Bekah . Now this animal farming has begun to develop. Will be served following article about BETERNAK / WORM SOIL CULTIVATION , safely follow ...

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