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Pembubunan. This step is done at planting

Weeding. This step is done by improving the grass outside and done every morning or evening. The purpose of weeding is untul avoid competition between food and water grass and ginger.
Pembubunan. This step is done at planting rhizome-rimpangan to provide rhizome growth media were quite good. The trick with the hoard back peeakaran areas with falling
Fertilization. Basically can be done by means of organic or chemical.
Irrigation and Watering. Routinely performed in the morning or late afternoon when the plants are still in the early phase of growth.
Spraying pesticides. This step is done only when the visible pest attack.
Mulching. This step is to prepare the straw on the ground to avoid dryness and prevent excessive growth of weeds. Straw is spread evenly cover the surface of the soil in the plant hole.
Eradication of pests, weeds also disease. This step is done intensively (such as spraying pesticides) at the time the threat was seen. The pests that often attack the caterpillars inch of ginger is, caterpillars and flies ground rhizomes. Meanwhile Potential weeds in cropping meeting buffoonery is weed the garden include nut-grass, reeds, ageratum, and other broadleaf weeds. While the disease often attacks the fungus Fusarium are ginger and wilt diseases. The third step is eradication of this barrier by spraying a special medication with konstrasi the threatened area.
After the steps above are done, just waiting for the farmers harvest ginger rhizome. Harvesting is done at the end of the growth of ginger in the dry season. However, if no time is harvested during the dry season the first year, then it should be done in the dry season next year. Harvesting in the rainy season caused damage to the rhizome and rhizome associated with low-quality active ingredients as more water content. Ginger
MASTERPOKER88.COM JUDI POKER ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA RESMI DAN TERPERCAYA cultivation is basically quite simple. If you are not yet ready to make the cultivation of ginger as a pillar of the economy, there is no harm in planting ginger in yard. In addition to being a medicinal plant, ginger can also be ornamental tanama because it has beautiful flowers.

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