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Litchi fruit is round with size roughly as big as marbles

Litchi fruit is round with size roughly as big as marbles fruit clustering in malainya. Skin-colored fruit with light brown to black rather clump-smooth surface. Translucent white flesh juicy clan. It tastes very sweet with a special fragrant aroma. The seeds are round, consisting of two pieces, and leather coated black seeds. Own seeds white meat, contain carbohydrates, a little oil, and saponins.

Origin and Distribution

Native to Southeast Asia. Cultivated throughout tropical and subtropical regions, but especially in Thailand, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, and the United States, Florida and Hawaii.

Latin term

Longana Euphoria, Euphoria longan, Nephelium Longana, Nephelium longan.
Cultivars and Species

Although there are many klengkeng cultivars in Southeast Asia, the cultivation of diversity is lower in other areas. The following cultivars are the most common cultivated in Puerto Rico, Florida and Hawaii:

'Biew Kiew' - From Thailand, with more consistent production in Hawaii than 'Kohala', but still need a cold winter to flower well. Good quality fruit, then from the 'Kohala'.

'Diamond River' ('Phetsakon') - tropical Klengkeng from Thailand which has more reliable production in the tropics. The fruit is medium sized, good quality and harvest earlier.

'Kohala' - Originally from Hawaii, the most important cultivation in Florida, but has an uncertain production in the tropics. Early fruiting, large, good quality, and with small seeds.

'Sri Chompoo' - From Thailand, would be more consistent fruit in Hawaii than 'Kohala', but still need a cold winter to flower well. The fruit is large and of good quality.

Other cultivars include 'Egami', 'E Wai', 'Edo', 'Edau' and 'Tiger Eye'.

Dimocarpus longan var. malesianus, cat eyes, is a subspecies of the more ccok klengkeng in the tropics.

Use Longan fruit consumption as fresh, dried, frozen and canned.

The composition of the nutrient per 100 grams of longan
Carbohydrates 16-25 g
Fat 0.1-0.5 g
Protein 1 g
2-10 mg of calcium
6-42 mg phosphorus
0.3 to 1.2 mg of iron
Vitamin A 28 IU
Vitamin B1 0.04 mg
Vitamin B2 0.07 mg
0.6 mg niacin
Vitamin C 6-8 mg
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Fresh fruit consumption to reduce fever, and dried fruit as a cure for insomnia. The leaves contain quercetin, the antioxidant and antiviral properties, and is used in the treatment of allergies, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Crushed seeds produce foam, which is used as a shampoo. The wood used in the construction of furniture and other goods. This tree is also planted as an ornamental.


Longan meat eaten fresh and made ​​drinks first come in cans (Canning). The seeds contain saponins that are good for hair washing shampoo. The leaves are commonly used in traditional medicine against penyalat in because they contain quercetin. Holt can be used for firewood just as rambutan tree. The litchi crop is beneficial to the garden, a protective way, and conservation of land is steep.

Growing Conditions

BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA Longan suitable to be planted in the lowlands between 200-600 m above sea level are of type wet climate with a dry season of not more than four months. Groundwater between 50-200 cm. Rainfall 1500-3000 mm per year with a 9-12 month 2-4 months wet and dry. While crop led more fun on a high plateau between 900-l.000 m above

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