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Raising prawns currently have the prospect

Raising prawns currently have the prospect of lucrative opportunities to develop2 . To meet local needs , especially in Yogyakarta Special Region still lacks in terms of quantity , size and continuity of effort .3 . Export demand has not been able to meet, since the Agen Casino Onlineavailability of prawns obtained from nature have been few and the results are still very limited cultivation .4 . Prawn farming techniques , simple and easily implemented by the wider community , both pond yard , or in the rice field ponds .5 . Margin advantage cultured prawns still tolerable when compared to the profits from the cultivation of other freshwater fish such as catfish , carp , tilapia , carp , and Tawes .6 . Potential natural resource and the availability of land for development in the country of Indonesia stretches very wide3 . PROBLEMS IN THE GENERAL COMMUNITY FISH FARMER
1 .Mastery and application technology of fish farming communities still weak2 . Innovation or technology transfer process is slow3 . Limited skilled human resources4 . Availability of seed / fish consumption in a region in general is still a lot to come from outside the area , consequently the cost of transport and mortality during transport add to the cost of production5 . Feed mill price in the market are relatively expensive and do not tend to rise up by the farmers' income ( + 60 % production cost is the purchase of feed )6 . Aquaculture management by farmers are still largely traditional and sideline7 . Marketing production still often have trouble because in general the market has not yet formed a clear network8 . Development of freshwater aquaculture farming in general has not been concentrated , resulting in some difficulty : the transfer of technology , post-harvest handling , and marketing4 . The V I S I

Agen Judi Bola  Popularizing cultivation of prawns for the economic empowerment of the people through optimizing the use of land ( paddy fields , marginal land or yard ) .5 . PURPOSE

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