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Yes, now looking for ants in nature has become more difficult

"Yes, now looking for ants in nature has become more difficult. So now I try to take advantage of opportunities and to maintain it to remain there and not be extinct in the wild," he said, Wednesday (05/15/2013).
Investasi Every 20 days, he said, rang-rang ants will lay eggs and these eggs are sold by Makdum at a price of Rp120 thousand per kilogram (kg).
Of the two locations where maintenance of existing ants in the room and the trees, Makdum was able to harvest the eggs of ants or Kroto up to 40 kilo grams of each month.
Obtained turnover could reach more than Rp 4 million per month. Until now, he is still overwhelmed to meet market demand.
Well, for those of you who have a hobby of breeding and business life, farming ants maybe you could try.

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