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The location for the cultivation of maize should not be under water

The location for the cultivation of maize should not be under water , but has sufficient moisture content . In addition , the selection of sites for corn , should be in accordance with the terms grow maize, or corn required by the plants . Terms grew described as folloJual Website Murahws .
1 . Composition or soil propertiesVirtually all types of soil can be covered with corn , but the most desired properties of soil by corn plants drainage is smooth , lush with sufficient humus and fertilizer supplies to grow .
2 . ClimateClimate or average weather of a region have participated in determining the growth and production of a crop . Climate does not support , for example a lot of rain and wind storms grab even flooding, will affect growth , including the corn crop .Although the corn crop is suitable in cool climates and cold , but if too much rain will also reduce the quality of the corn .
Corn plant can produce well and qualified in the cool climates of 50 degrees N to 40 degrees LS with altitude up to 3000 meters above sea level . However , for certain types of corn , can also be in different places of the condition and can produce well .
3 . Degrees soil acidity ( pH )The degree of acidity of the soil is influenced by the amount of content of chemical elements in the soil and the water content in the soil . The area is likely to get wet and will cause a lot of humus soil tends to be acidic .
Instead of dry calcareous soil with little water content would be more alkaline. For real corn crop tolerance or ability to adapt to the environment quite well , namely the ability to live up to the acidity of between 5.5 and 7 .There acidity scale 14 scale , to the scale of 1 to 7 is acidic , whereas between 8 to 14 is alkaline .
4 . Levels of water

Wisata Pulau PariThe amount of water present in the soil will determine soil moisture content . Corn plants need water , especially for the growth and propagation . So much corn planting was initiated during the rainy season began to arrive . In addition to saving energy also adds to water cool / add moisture to the air . So the plants are not short of water , because it can interfere with the process of photosynthesis or food preparation is done for the activity and production of the corn crop .

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