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The potential of ornamental fish in Depok pretty good

The potential of ornamental fish in Depok pretty good , because it can produce approximately 80 million head / year and the results have been widely exported abroad , " Tatang Solomon argues .
In fact, the assessment team confirmed that th
DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYAe fish that are sought after by Chairman Pokdakannya is neon fish , so they often run out of stock for the benefit of local and overseas orders . This condition , because the product is quality and has strong competitiveness with consumers who need ornamental fish from the Depok , particularly the Neon Tetra fish .
Obtained from various sources BALANCE , such potential is part of the entrepreneurial activity of a group of SMEs that can be developed . Moreover, the absence of enforcement of the ASEAN free trade began January 1, 2015 , to give a rate of economic growth Depok more advanced and prosperous .
Some of the issue is still the bottleneck is in the field of marketing . " For that , we must continue to encourage and facilitate the marketing run smoothly , among MSMEs through ornamental fish exhibit both domestically and abroad . This can be as a means of marketing potential fish farming Depok city , "said Ita Wildfire hopes to convince .
In addition , proposed also need to continue to develop a wide range of tips production and use of technology , so that the economy is getting faster BERGERAT Depok and promote the welfare of its people .
" We as public servants also continue to seek input and advice from a variety of sources including provincial team after assessing feedbacknya time , giving many valuable input for improvement to a better future do not ever feel unsettled about economic development , keep trying and working to achieve economy of the people in the Depok City , " Deputy Mayor of Depok message to a group of ornamental fish culture motivated to keep optimistic . (Source : Balance Sheet )3 . SOURCE
Department of Fisheries , Government of DKI Jakarta , Jakarta , 1996

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Department of Fisheries Jakarta , Jl . Medan Merdeka Selatan No. . 8-9 , Floor 21, Block G , Central Jakarta , Tel . 021 359363Loading ...

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