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Ngeblog? Sambil Bisnis Donk

How persistent the elders of the ancient Sundanese explore what happened in the course of the long history of our nation . And the insights revealed through the way of life , a precious legacy as the leader of the handle of lowest to highest leaders . We start from the leader of the family . There is a proverb gagade nyarande bari ( 1 ) . Every parent , must always crave her pulau pari  forward , far exceeding the progress made by his parents .
Blogging ? While Business Donk , so maybe that's a suitable title for my post this time . in this article I want to explain about the various online businesses . most people think that blogs can generate money ( made ​​business ) is the blogs by using the English language alone . when in fact many ways to do business online using a blog in Indonesia . yes , although income from Indonesian language blog is not as much the result of the Indonesian language blog .The following I will discuss about what the business can be run by using the Indonesian language blog .
1 . affiliate business
business system is done in a way we are promoting goods that are sold at certain sites . and any goods sold because the buyer purchased through our blog , then we get a commission of about 6 % of the sales price . sites which provide the business such pulau tidung as for example www.amazon.com . list only , free guaranteed . :)
2 . reseller business
business system is done in a way we become a member of the site . registration was not free , before becoming a member we are required to pay some money to the site . but the advantages of this business is that we get a commission of 40-50 % of the sales of the products offered through our referral . examples of sites that provide the business is www.panduandasar.com .
3 . sell their own products
This business system requires us to make a quality product and is needed by many people . well if you liked the product and the buyer is happy with something you created ( such as ebooks ) . then you will get a commission equal to 100 % of the sales price . but do not forget , you are selling information quality should not sloppy .
4 . became publisher
publisher is a business system that we usually see when we visited the blog ( blog walking ) , and we see no ads on their blogs . like advertising on my blog too, of course . :) You also never heard of pengobatan alternatif Google AdSense ? nah it's also kind of online business as I tell which became publisher . well as in google adsense does not accept blogs that contain about tuisan Indonesian - language text . then we can replace it with a blogger gathering . we can register on the site or can also be www.kumpulblogger.com AdsenseCamp can take a look at what we can www.adsensecamp.com commission is the result of the visitor clicks . but remember , do not click on the ad itself , because the risk was banned .
5 . direct advertiser
same as publisher , the business is usually done if we had pretty high traffic . why ? because this is a service that someone wants advertisers to run ads that are on our blog . price? yes we specify it themselves . 100 % commission for us loh ... nah so not hurt if we blog , we hobby fun while doing business . :) Well if there are additional friends can be written in the comments ... greetings bloggers

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hello all my friend who are visiting this blog I will share a little experience like where do I run an online business by joining the program PTC ( paid to click ) , I think the PTC ( paid to click ) already know a lot , but there's nothing wrong I have described here a little to those who have understood and are still confused how to enroll in the program PTC ( paid to click ) .
Said his father - " Kilangbara atuh father so Patani , maneh must be pamingpin - mah " ( 2 ) . His son replied , " atuh , Pa . Piraku father ngongkosan servant , tina langkung ngaluarkeun costs kabutuhan father " ( 3 ) . Said his father , " Father mah bae Keun gagade bari nyarande ge , ti leuwih origin can hidep father " ( 3 ) . It is an example of leadership shown by a father . Leaders who are willing to sacrifice for the betterment of their children . Leaders have to like it , he should be more concerned with the welfare and progress of his men .
Do not be a leader nyalindung ka bun . Depending on other people , do not have an attitude . Let us guar ( 5 ) the term haripeut me teuteureuyeun . That's a picture of greed . If so leaders do my haripeut teuteureuyeun . That is , do not be greedy , do not corruption or collusion . So to speak . Then the term kejot borosot . Kids today may not be familiar with that expression . That is ; leaders do not make decisions quickly or hastily .
So many phrases that actually is not just a phrase, term , or proverbs , or else lived turned out to have deep meaning as a way of life . And if the advice of the elders were executed , implemented , will feel the benefits and impact , both for the family leader or leaders even higher . I think so many expressions that can be used as guidelines Sunda to be conceptualized , so leadership Sunda remains grounded in the philosophy kasundaan " .

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