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Cara Membuat Website dengan Joomla

How to Make a Website with Joomla - Joomla is a Content Management System ( CMS or CMS ) agen jual obat pembesar penis vimax that is free and open ( free open source ) written in PHP , but that is not the Giver of False Hope ya know bro :) .
And MySQL database on the internet for the purpose . Joomla Hosting Indonesia is a management system that offers easy to build powerful websites . The user interface and features of Joomla is very easy to use even by beginners . Joomla offers a solution that is easier to build a website in accordance with the wishes of its users .
Joomla CMS also offers the features and options of its own to build a website . And you can customize the design and features in Joomla according to your liking . Joomla template was designed with the features and design choices are diverse , which can attract pungunjung blog you created .
Benefits of using Joomla are:

Support professional , friendly , and reliable
High- performance servers
45 days money back warranty
Cheap web hosting package
Experienced in providing hosting since 2005
Joomla Hosting Data Backup service every 3 days .
Control panel is easy obat pembesar penis vimax to use .
Joomla Installation can be done with just one click
How to Make a Website with JoomlaHow to Make a Website with Joomla
As for how to further maximize Joomla , you can start by following ways :

Make sure the computer / leptop you have installed Joomla first corresponding with your website .
After you install , you should change the icon that corresponds to your website but you have to use a 16 × 16 pixel format can be jpg , gif , png or other support for the creation of icons .
But do not forget to backup the database files of Joomla , Joomla database membackuap can use PHPnya admin / backup by installing the database component .
To fill the conten Joomla you should NOT copying and pasting from a Word file , because it will make the contents of your content does not match the setting .
Continue to do not forget to mention about the placement of the search function on your Joomla website is important in terms of useful for visitors to search for articles on your website .
Do not turn enable export to PDF feature .
Kenudian check the position of the file and directory of Joomla , there are some file structure should be 777 and some are not . But to change the PHP configuration file after you edit to position 644 .
And for filling data not worry too much just enough description and meta 5 5 keywords correct .
Activate your cache which serves as a copy of a web page so that the user does not need to load the entire page each time they visit you .
Disable the default Joomla statistics that make the web faster we file full .
Unistall Component and module that are not in use .
Congratulations to give it a try and hopefully provide pembesar penis vimax aman information that could be useful for our readers.

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