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Trik Mujarab Jualan Online Agar Laris Manis

You have an online store? Are the products you are selling well in the virtual domain? If not, it means you have not been up to market your products online. Moreover, nowadays more and more competitors with the same product and the price is a little different paket pernikahan murah ready to block your success. Well, it seems you have to start trying new tips following effectual to increase sales of your online store. Who knows, after a try later, turnover will increase your sales dramatically.

1. Social Network

Facebook, almost everyone has it. Both adults, parents and even school children are now connected in a social network's network. Formerly also been there that Friendster was popular in the motherland but for now that are popular are Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you've got their own Facebook Fanpage displaying your products online.

Another advantage of Facebook is the share button. The power of the Share button really magical, just enough with just one click, you can send your promo to everyone connected to your network. This means you become one step closer to potential customers. There was also a feature Like This. This feature is available either on Facebook or on websites linked to Facebook Connect will allow your product ogled. Each 'thumbs up' on a given product, will increase the popularity of the product itself.

There is another, Facebook Chat name suggests, this could make you instantly connect and communicate frequently asked questions, if any prospective customers who want to buy your product but still in doubt. Time for you 'persuasion' that consumers want to buy your product.

2. Mobile Website

BlackBerry, iPhone and jasa pernikahan murah Android, all three are now popular in the telecommunications equipment market, including in Indonesia. Feel free to start a successful online store of the mobile website, the ease with which obtained by prospective customers is how they get the product information they need easily and quickly. If you are in the right time and position, of course, customers will not hesitate to order the products they are looking at your online store. Therefore, have an online store that can be accessed through mobile phones will be much better, because of the strength in terms of marketing you will expand your marketing area as well.

3. Online Business Directory

When you are confused about how to better expand the domain of your online store, do not hesitate to register to online business directories, there are a lot of websites where you can advertise for free while displaying your products. The more ads you place the product on the internet, the greater the likelihood that the consumer can find the product you are selling.

4. Location Based Service (LBS)

Business is based on the location will be more fun than just a regular online business. Do not be afraid to register yourself to the website can access your current existence as somersault or FourSquare. For those of you who do not know, Koprol and Foursquare are two websites where you can access current, the town in which you live, the place you're visiting and easily you can also update your Facebook status while in your favorite cafe or restaurant.

Pull customers to stop by your store. How? If overseas, the LBS feature even many famous cafes used to provide discounts for visitors who often come to the cafe. if for your store, you can offer the promo - promo in your online store to potential customers browsing the store location near you. Many potential customers are easily wooed with discounts and promos, especially its location adjacent to their current whereabouts.

5. Video Streaming

Who says only online store may attach any pictures? Why not try something new with online streaming video. You could just make an ad about one of your products and made like advertising on television, enough to make video advertising simple and uploaded to Youtube. No need to make a long video, at least make the video duration 30 seconds to 1 minute to create a catalog of your products more tempting. This method is suitable for mobile phones and electronic products so that potential customers can know what features are still there on the phone to be pernikahan murah bought in the store you.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Just open a stall in the online store itself, would have been a lot of people are doing it. In order for your online store become more crowded, do not be lazy to advertise on other websites, so it will make your traffic will be increased and more often visited from anywhere.

7. Price

Both sell real or online, the price is the highest priority, especially for consumers who have a budget fit. Price will probably be the most frequently ogled, because even if you are selling a good product, but if the shop next door, the price is cheaper, then get ready to lose customers. Get used to update information on the price of your products online on a regular basis, can be will make you know more about the price range and time that is suitable to offer discounts.

8. User Friendly

Simple, easy and minimalist. The third feels it is becoming a trend in online shops abroad. The simpler, the end user will be easier to access your online store. Of the potential customers will be more convenient to shop at an online store that is easy to understand how to access and more complicated than the picture Pampang crowded there. Quite often a lot of potential customers who do not yet understand the internet, but want to try shopping online.

9. Beautify Visual Design

Visualizing the design of a good online store, will make 'eye wash' potential consumers become more comfortable. They also would like to linger staring at the product catalog that you provide.

Show also features Product Comparison, where there are 2 similar products with different brands or prices can be compared, so that prospective buyers will be able to choose which is more suited to his needs. It would be great if it also displayed, Product Recommendation in which the products are displayed based personalization options users, which is more often he saw or what he had spent. With this feature, potential customers will be spoiled so it would be easier to buy a product which he needs without having to search for it first. layanan jasa seo murah Finding it will take time, while potential customers you can be busy and in a hurry to buy what they need at that moment.

10. Resolution

Resolution of 1024 × 768, a lot of websites online stores because the ancient principle still continue to use the resolution. Though it's been many resolutions smaller or larger size of 1280, 1440 or 1600. Many potential visitors finally forced seeing websites that do not fit the screen size, so by looking at it, potential customers become less comfortable shopping.

Not infrequently, mostly online store website, just put a little product in the category section. It feels very wasteful. Because many of Netter lazy opening pages one by one. The netters are more interested in shifting to scroll down the page rather than having to open one by one to select the products they need.

11. Expand Animation, Reduce Loading Time

This point seems rather dilemma, where you have to multiply the animation and reduce the loading time of the halamanwebsite. The development of the current website technologies more rapidly. Use AJAX technology, reduce the use of Flash. Can you imagine when you are installing the product using Flash animations in it to beautify. Unfortunately, the consumer does not install Flash, then the animation will not show up, it will create a blank space later.

Of course the animation AJAX shown no less beautiful. Than just displaying a dynamic menu, dynamic content to display gallery. Even lighter and make the website more quickly accessible. The faster the website is opened, potential consumers will more often visit the store online. They will come again and come again. AJAX animation here will be able to enhance your online shop website without aggravating your page loading time of your website online store jokowarino .

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