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Free seo , seo tactics , seo tricks or whatever it's called , actually has a lot on the pillowcase in some blog some " teacher " . I am still jasa desain website murah learning that explore the science of seo is actually not the one deserve to ' teach ' , then because it is in this seo article I just pingin to exchange my thoughts with all buddies who might just been stranded on his blog this Indonesian blogger community .

Okay , let's start ' exchanging thoughts ' , as the title of my article today ' simplification techniques seo tactics ' . his inspiration from often I read the comments of some bloggers who were studying seo blog site some 'guru ' like this : "how many bgt y pace , what no less distinguished ? " or " I have to start from a place where huh ? " . nah pretty ironic in my opinion , seo tactics when it has been quite a lot of stuff , some beginners like me so confused because not only do not know but a very trivial reason , " must start from where ? " . too many choices to make someone so confused , more confused than at the beginning .

So because of that I pingin " brainstorm " on the Indonesian blogger community companions as well as how to start practicing immediately , this article might almost no theory because I believe you have to know the whole theory about seo itself.
we can begin to practice from here , I want the whole buddies practicing immediately with the technique "read and action " .

Backlink search technique is very simple :
provide comments on the site do follow pulau pari  blogs is a very simple technique in the search backlinks ( this is my opinion , you can not be together because like I have said , this is the area change of mind . why this step is very simple / simple ? yeah , what's hard it 's just not only give comments ? simpler than technique " link exchange " or " link exchange " or technical " dummy blog " .

When you go to the www . google. co . ps if your blog site is Indonesian language blog site , or www . google. com blog site if you speak English . have ? if it had been written " list do follow blog sites Indonesia " ( Indonesian language blog for the site ) or write " do follow blogs list" ( for English-language blog site ) . specified in the blog / website of the happy results that look and coment ! !

Note : when friends leave comments please leave your url + http :/ / . particularly concerning that " anchor text " of his ! anchor text is placed in the column name . for example, you are targeting the keyword " seo blog " . then the column name in the content with the keywords pingin shot .

Have ? if not please comme a friend who can . if it has currently turn comme on his blog jasa pembuatan toko online murah dunk Indonesian blogger community ... hhe . if you're too lazy to comment on his blog this Indonesian blogger community GPP also , once explained the origin of friends why not comment here ..

Note : This is a very simple technique in my opinion . then not only meaningful after doing a trick on a SERP result of your blog site soon so good . remember , there is no easy steps to success . This article however contrived to menyerdehanakan useful for beginners like me this .
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