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Cara Ngeblog Efektif Bagi Para Pelajar Sekolah

How to blog effectively for school students is important to me that blogging does not interfere with the study conducted education is taking because as we know the name of blogging that sometimes we have to focus and require substantial time, especially when early Tour Pulau Pari - early start blogging. Moreover, if the student is motivated by blogging for money or gains from the blog, blogging is certainly something that should be limited and controlled so as not to interfere with the learning activities of the students because as a student, his main responsibility is to learn to study.
If in developed countries such as America or Europe blogging or blogging is an activity that has become a culture especially for the students, but in contrast to developing countries such as Indonesia where the education system still includes the limited terms of where blogging is still not considered educational. The tendency of students developing countries such as Indonesia is, do micro blogging through using Facebook or Twitter are now being ngetrend among age students. But unfortunately, this is precisely the micro blogging no benefit at all other than wasting - wasting time learner can make sure everything even when it has reached the level Facebookholic or Twitterholic and certainly very negative for your learning as a student.
Well ... for those students who happen to read this post, my advice should you switch from activities that drain - the drain as above and try to switch to actual blogging using a blog like Blogspot or WordPress.
Here is how to blog effective for students who really want to plunge into the world of blogging and real without disturbing their activities as a student, but it will be more supportive of educational activities that you are living so that they were able to be done in a balanced way.

You should know that blogging can give fame, branding and extra income, but you have to understand that the degree and academic achievement is far more important to you at this time because there is no state-owned companies or receive HR with ngeblognya viewing experience. So stay united numbers and prioritize your studies.

Set in a balanced schedule and learning portion of your blogging activity as a student. It would be more meaningful if you are able to consistently and successfully for both these activities.

Socialize your blog on a friend - a friend of your students and provide appropriate content and connect with your position as a student. Examples of topics such as education is a good first step to begin with a student because it is very relevant to the everyday life of a student. Avoid taking business topics or make money from blogs.

In order for your blogging routine and regular exist without interrupting your studies, consider blogging is your second job.

Provide content that solves a problem or provide a solution to the problem, especially with regard to education and learning because in addition to you can help and share knowledge for your peers, also can help you for learning is related to education.

Take time to learn from other blogs more senior accordance with the topic of your blog. This will always develop your skills and knowledge.
Well ... for your students, blogging, or blogging can actually bring more benefits if you really - really learn and run it. It's much better than just cuap - cuap or gossip through social networking sites that I think is just a waste of your valuable time as a student.

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